Movies about Women

There is a wide range of women in all shades of romantic tenderness and fierce determination in their purposes.

Take your own journey through the endless plethora of movie genres!

So Beautiful And So Lonely

Beauty, unfortunately, does not equate to happiness, as the beautiful women in the movies in this article well know.

Redeeming Love Movie

In life, as in the movies, love can save us from darkness just as it can make us commit the most absurd follies, while redeeming us from our worst sins.

Uplifting romantic movies to better overcome difficult times

It may seem like a small thing to watch a movie when you are sad and discouraged, yet that is precisely why the cinematic art is so romantic and wonderfully uplifting.

Femme fatale

Magnificent and lethal living weapons, Femme Fatales are the sirens of the movies, bewitching even the toughest men and then mercilessly drowning them with their charms.

The pursuit of happiness

Regardless of social class, religion or country, the pursuit of happiness is the common denominator that makes us all brothers and sisters.

How does this translate into the fantastic world of cinema?

Witches in Movies

Witches in films have always been an object of love and hatred for viewers.

Fascinating and powerful, their ambiguous nature between good and evil makes them absolute icons of the cinematic landscape.

Girl vs Monster

Although the female gender has been undervalued for too long in film history, things have long since changed.

So let's look at some movies where beauties are protagonists against monstrous unspeakable unknown amenities.

Psychological Female Horror Movies

It is not only the poor female victims who run away in horror films, crying and screaming in front of the usual serial killers.

They can be pure horror themselves.

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