Come and Find Me 2016 movie

Come and Find Me – A love disappearing between lies and secrets

What if you find out that all your time with the love of your life has been a lie, as is the case for the desperate protagonist of this 2016 movie, Come and Find Me?

From the beginning, the story seems strange as we follow young David, an ordinary young man, who in turn follows a beautiful blond-haired girl, Claire, down the street.

Arriving at the front door, both seem confused because they have the same key, but in fact, it’s not a misunderstanding, just a game between these two actually engaged couples who amusingly replicate the strange conditions of their first meeting.

Months pass, and the couple seems to live happily, of course, between ups and downs, especially when David tries to find out more about her past or work.

One day, Claire doesn’t return home, while, of course, David immediately reports the fact to the police, but unfortunately, there are no results.

A year later there is still no news of her, while the boy pines for her and cannot find peace without knowing what happened, especially wanting to see if she left voluntarily, abandoning him.

One day, returning home, he finds an old friend of hers rummaging all over the place, who attacks David and runs away, leaving him stunned on the ground.

Soon after, David finds a hidden roll of film and decides to follow the various clues to discover something.

It will only be the beginning of a journey with no return, while delving into dirty secrets he discovers his beloved Claire was actually an undercover secret agent.

Wandering around and asking too many questions, he attracts unwanted attention as some corrupt agents and a gang of dangerous criminals begin to hunt him down to shut him up for good.

The romantic simplicity of a good script

Wanting to summarize this 2016 movie in a few words, Come and Find Me is a love and action-espionage story starring (finally) an ordinary man hero.

Indeed, reminiscent of Roman PolaƄski‘s excellent thriller Frantic, we have young TV star Aaron Paul instead of Harrison Ford looking for his lady who disappeared seemingly into thin air.

The great thing about this character is that he is far from a Liam Neeson from Taken, trained in espionage and fighting or using weapons, but simply with intelligence and cunning, he still manages to discover the truth.

It is unfortunate that to date, this still remains the only movie directed by Zack Whedon, who is more of a TV screenwriter for series such as Fringe, Rubicon, or Deadwood. In this case, he manages to stage a story of good narrative and emotional tension on a tight budget.

Indeed, alongside the protagonist’s investigation, follow in parallel a series of romantic flashbacks between David and Claire that are always interesting in the dialogues and the development of the characters’ relationships.

As for the thriller side, fortunately, there is no need for plot twists or other intellectually unbelievable solutions to unfolding the mystery.

The plot’s various twists always arrive congruous and consequential, aided by Greg Ng‘s excellent editing that logically reassembles the temporally disconnected script, also written by Zack Whedon.

Sean Stiegemeier’s “urban” cinematography is equally pleasing, and it does not stylize the scenery or ambient lighting with soap opera colors, but it has a simple natural atmosphere and minimal elegance in the frame choice.

In short, we are in the realm of “few meat on the fire” but cooked in a very tasty way; a story with few amazing characters and a surreal romantic ending that leaves the door open to every interpretation.

Never underestimate the appeal of simplicity

Speaking of the cast, the face at the forefront is Aaron Paul, an actor I’ve always liked (though I haven’t always liked the films he’s been in), who plays one of the best roles of his career so far.

Often, screenwriters struggle to grasp what truly captivates an audience when maybe it’s as simple as placing an ordinary person in an extraordinary situation. This movie does just that, with a small man facing a challenge far greater and more complex than himself.

However, the great thing is that this character never gives up, even when alone and scared, when they beat or threaten him (or really try to take him out), driven by the irresistible need to see his beloved again in his quest, will come that takes him to all those places where the girl has lived under other names.

But in a perfect circle of events, everything leads him back home, culminating in one of the most unique and romantic endings I’ve ever seen. It’s a moment that brings us face to face with the girl we’ve only known through the protagonist’s memories, with a sense of wonder and anticipation finally fulfilled.

In this role, Annabelle Wallis is the perfect modern version of the mysterious Hitchcock-style double-lived blonde: free, strong, and determined, never talking about her past and living only in the moment, facing the present and even struggling, if need be.

Her romance with the protagonist is simple and natural, with small moments that are remarkably realistic and intriguing, a series of small romantic interludes in which she takes a break from her work of deception and secrets.

Unfortunately, in 2016, this movie was poorly distributed and publicized, bringing it to very few theaters and abandoning it to the fickle mood of the streaming movie market.

Yet, despite the unquestionable commercial flop, it leaves me with high feelings of peace and entertainment as a romantic investigative that is atypical, indeed unique in its genre; recommending everyone to check it out because it is such a simple and universal story that can really satisfy any cinematic taste.

Come and Find Me is a love story and action-espionage with an ordinary man hero investigating his girlfriend disappearance. #MOVIES
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