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Alien Romulus – A new action turn for this saga?

As I anticipated in a previous post about the fate of the new Alien saga directed by Ridley Scott, many of us were waiting for fresh news about the concluding chapter of the new trilogy.

Although bold and original sci-fi movies have achieved good commercial results, Prometheus and Alien: Covenant sadly have not entirely convinced critics and audiences.

This time, I disagree with the masses and would have liked to see Mr. Scott’s ideas for continuing his story arc.

But as we all know, money talks and bullshit walks, so in the end, the producers who are the same Scott and Walter Hill, along with Michael A. Pruss, decided to turn the direction to the rock-solid Fede Álvarez.

don't breathe movies

Can we trust Álvarez?

Fede Álvarez is not a nobody coming from nowhere, despite having started his career as a film director just over a decade ago and with only three movies on his resume.

His debut was certainly not a success, bringing back a classic like Evil Dead in a pure scare and terror horror key, a fatal mistake that, in my opinion, alienated fans too much from the comic slant that Sam Raimi had created.

Yet the movie had some perfect ideas and effective staging, showing Álvarez’s potential talent that he managed instead to express perfectly in Don’t Breathe, a successful flick starring Stephen Lang as a villain/anti-hero in what was the first part of a bizarre and intriguing double horror thriller.

A peculiar style we will see even better in what (so far) is his latest movie, The Girl in the Spider’s Web, the second installment of David Fincher‘s remake of the trilogy reimagined in an American sauce.

It must be said that there was not much need for these remakes, as the original Swedish-made movies were already of an excellent standard, although we can certainly admire the talents of Fincher and Álvarez as directors who still manage to give their own vision of a story we already knew.

Prometheus And Alien Covenant

What can we expect from Alien: Romulus?

Based on the few rumors we have gathered so far, the plot should be chronologically between the two most celebrated chapters of the franchise, Ridley Scott’s Alien and James Cameron‘s Aliens.

Considering the movie’s direction, Ridley Scott’s decision to step back and select a director like Álvarez could indicate a shift towards a more action-oriented narrative. This could mean a faster pace and a younger cast, diverging from the tone of Prometheus and Alien: Covenant.

Indeed, among the names we can find on IMDB appear a few: Isabela Merced, Cailee Spaeny, Archie Renaux, David Jonsson, Spike Fearn, and Aileen Wu, faces beloved by TV series fans who may finally get the big break to make their debut in the major league of cinema.

As mentioned, we have yet to learn much about the plot. Given the temporal placement between the first two chapters, it could be set on the famous colony LV-426 before the total infection of the Xenomorphs that would confront Sigourney Weaver and her fierce space marines.

While we can expect the classic recipe of high narrative tension and high-tech science fiction, Álvarez seems to aim for a more vintage aesthetic, which could mean a return to the atmospheric and industrial horror design that marked the inception of the Alien saga.

In any case, we won’t have to wait long, as the release date has been set (unless disproved) for August 16, 2024, fortunately, with a theatrical release instead of only on streaming services.

What do you guys think? Are you looking forward to this new chapter? Would you have liked to see Ridley Scott conclude the new trilogy, or are you happy with the changeover to a new cinematic route? Will it be a success or a failure?

Let me know in the comments. Either way, it is inevitable that Alien: Romulus will not be a movie that will go unnoticed in 2024, crowded with great franchises and new hopefuls.

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