Final Girl 2015 movie

Final Girl – Hunting becomes a clash between sexes

After more than a century since the birth of cinema and with thousands of serial killers having appeared on screens, it is not always easy to reintroduce a movie on the same subject that has something new, yet 2015’s Final Girl somehow succeeds in being fresh and new.

This time, the danger comes from a small group of friends, healthy and robust guys who are attractive and achieve well in school, with a promising future ahead.

However, unaware to everyone, these boys have one real passion in common: luring young girls for a fake hot date, where they start to scare and chase them through the woods and finally murder all of them.

So when one of them meets the mysterious Veronica at the diner in town, he convinces her to attend a phantom party to which they will all drive with his friends.

Upon arriving in the usual woods, their favorite hunting ground, however, they will all make a terrible discovery: the girl is not at all as weak and harmless as she seemed, but she is a deadly assassin explicitly trained to get rid of all of them in one fell swoop.

Indeed, Veronica is the sole survivor of a car accident where she lost her entire family, ending under the protective wing of William, a secret agent who forges this little girl into a beautiful, lethal weapon, hoping one day she will be recruited into the agency.

But the girl is not yet an agent, and this mission will be her trial by fire, facing her doubts and uncertainties about whether she really is what William wants her to become.

Facing these boys one at a time, Veronica cannot help but wonder to herself what difference there is, at that point, between her and these psychopaths.

Long live small horror productions

As mentioned, there is no shortage of illustrious examples of monsters and assorted maniacs; it is no coincidence that not long ago, I created a horroroscope to match a horror character with your zodiac signs.

This genre is not only grounded in the business of big/medium productions trying to milk as much money as possible, of course; many new filmmakers also try their hand at horror.

Indeed, horror and sci-fi are two kinds of cinema allowing you to experiment more imaginatively and, if you have good technique and ideas, also to realize something without spending much money.

Final Girl is a 2015 movie that is perfect as an example: a few actors, a handful of locations, and a single idea brought to life with remarkable charisma by both the actors and director Tyler Shields’s minimal, effective style.

Unfortunately, Tyler‘s career does not seem launched full speed ahead to success, although he would later make the excellent thriller Outlaw, where he also stars among the leads.

Again, we are talking more about a thriller than an actual horror flick, still with some moments of bloody madness, especially when the beautiful girl poisons the boys with a hallucinogen.

The atmosphere grows naturally and believably; although many plot points are vague and unspecified, there is always an intense aura of danger surrounding the characters, even when they are simply sitting, talking, and doing nothing.

Dialogues are a crucial element to pay attention to, seemingly talking about anything but the real core of the story, yet this focus displacement fuels the constant tension, leading up to the long-awaited action/horror climax in the finale.

In short, we are talking about a movie that does not reinvent the wheel but offers fans another excellent wheel to have fun with.

Young cast, good cinematic promise

I quite enjoyed the excellent performance of the entire cast, which consisted of no particularly famous names except Wes Bentley, whom we all remember from his superb performance, still very young, in the booming American Beauty along with Kevin Spacey.

Today, Wes has grown up and offers us an ambiguous character, a vigilante we understand working for the government and seeking recruits to eliminate society’s threats the law cannot touch.

It is a remarkably compelling performance, seemingly calm and patient, yet also prone to violence while training Abigail Breslin, a young actress (already promising in Stillwater), who is the real revelation of this movie.

We can see how even this girl, deep down, is a psychopath who left at large, could become as dangerous as the boys she hunts.

This is why Bentley’s character tries to bring order to her madness, acting as the father she no longer has and, perhaps, even a deeper, more sexual connection, being the only male figure in her life.

The cast of ladies’ hunter bad boys is equally good, beginning with Alexander Ludwig, (already featured in The Final Girls, similar only in title) who is obviously the alpha of these alpha males.

Another character who seems to have much in common with the girl played by Breslin, evidently feeling attraction even as they try to kill each other.

Also very interesting is the love sub-story between one of the boys, played by Cameron Bright, and the beautiful Emma Paetz, between misunderstanding and inability to communicate with this psychopath and a never-confessed betrayal.

The other two boys are Reece Thompson and Logan Huffman, less psychologically defined and without any particular background, although we may learn something more about them in the spectacular and violent hallucinations when they end up poisoned.

Finally, let us also mention the brief role for Francesca Eastwood, daughter of the far more famous Clint Eastwood; here in the role of the initial victim who kicks off the whole story. Don’t worry about these minor spoilers because there is so much to discover in every scene of this 2015 movie, where the Final Girl is just one part of the psychological mosaic that weaves the plot of an unusual and intriguing story.

Final Girl 2015 movie
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