Turbo Kid 2015 movie

Turbo Kid – The weirdest apocalyptic superhero

There are many diverse ways to depict a post-apocalyptic future, yet quite a few achieve to be as intelligent, funny, and at the same time dark and cruel as this strange 2015 New Zealand movie, Turbo Kid.

We don’t know precisely how and when civilized society ended in this case, but we follow the days of an ordinary kid (whose name we will never know and just call him Kid) who rummages through the ruins in search of something to trade for food and water.

Despite the bleak landscape and the violence of the people he lives with, Kid has a naïve optimism and a kind spirit that sometimes gets him into trouble, such as when he helps the strange Apple, a beautiful girl who does not seem utterly right in the head.

Kid saves her from some savage and sadistic killers, all under the command of the cruel Zeus, who easily controls the whole region because he is the only one with access to an ample supply of uncontaminated water.

However, not everyone is afraid to fight back, like the brave cowboy Frederick and his friends, who constantly struggle to stop Zeus from total domination over everything and everyone.

The war reaches a critical point when Zeus kills almost all of the rebels, but Frederick escapes the massacre with the help of Kid, who, in the meantime, has found a suit of armor and a laser bracelet with which he becomes a fearsome warrior by the name of Turbo Kid.

As Zeus prepares for total battle with all his men, Apple and Turbo Kid grow closer and closer and decide to join Frederick to fight one last time in the name of what is good.

The dystopian future of days gone by

In this 2015 movie, the dystopian future is actually the past because Turbo Kid takes us back to the old 1997, even before technologies such as cell phones, streaming, and computers spread everywhere, instead preferring a romantic leap into the age of teenagers’ universe from that era.

So the Kid is what could have been any of the 1990s teenagers, obsessed with comic books and riding his BMX bike listening to audiotapes with an iconic Sony tin player.

Like many other naïve dreamers, he must clash every day with the harsh violence and bullying of the outside world, even with the cunningness of supposed friends like Bagu, at whose little store everyone makes trades and inevitably ends up screwed.

The trio of directors François Simard, Anouk Whissell, and Yoann-Karl Whissell succeed in the not-so-easy task of creating a post-apocalyptic world that is not yet another soulless copy of Mad Max, on the contrary, is very original in its way, childlike, cheerful and colorful just like the best children’s comic books.

That said, the movie certainly doesn’t lack a good dose of violence; know it first: not surprisingly, there are severed heads, arms, and legs flying off all over the place in excellent bloody but comical splatter scenes that would be worthy of the best Evil Dead.

Even the criminal oppressors and Zeus are highly amusing despite their menacing appearance in spiked and metallic clothes, armed with maces and blades like ancient medieval warriors.

Of course, we see right away how this is not a multimillion-dollar production, yet they make up with a compelling pace alternating between adventure and comedy and the strange (silly but sincere) romance between Kid and Apple, undoubtedly the best aspect of the whole story.

Also, what should we say about the characters then?

Bloody and childlike gorgeous entertainment

First, of course, we talk about the nameless Kid, the teenage version of Sergio Leone‘s nameless gunslinger, with a colorful suit of armor instead of a threadbare poncho.

A hero here with the face of young Munro Chambers, a humble and simple survivor of this bizarre future/past that never happened, about whom we know almost nothing until we see again in a sad/violent flashback the incident that marked his life forever.

This boy would like to be no more than what he is, spending his days on music and comic books; not surprisingly, he resells more of what he finds lying around to buy these things than for food or water.

Yet every hero needs a friend he can trust, and if that friend is the lovely Laurence Leboeuf, then even better, as the character Apple becomes the love that the Kid never even thought he could have.

Their story is full of tender and comic moments, repeatedly saving each other from furious criminals in fantasy-filled fights that sometimes conclude in unexpected and sad ways.

Equally, a good friend will be Aaron Jeffery as Frederick, a western-looking rebel who is as brave and swaggering against enemies as he is equally foolishly getting screwed over, even going so far as to lose a hand in a silly duel.

Undoubtedly, we reach the peak of talent with the villain everyone fears in this contaminated zone: the fearful and insane Zeus, flawlessly played by the mighty Michael Ironside.

Good old Michael beats anyone else in charisma; there is little to say. Moreover, the character is also the one with the most exciting background of all, although we will only find out his crazy personal history just in the last minutes of the movie.

What else can I tell you about Turbo Kid except to suggest running immediately to watch this hilarious 2015 movie? I love these small productions and understand that they often have no marketing behind them, and people don’t even know they exist. Let us spread the word, warriors of the contaminated zone!

Turbo Kid 2015 movie
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