Guns Akimbo 2019 movie

Guns Akimbo – The Ultimate Mashup Of Humor And Violence

We have yet to determine how far social networking and live streaming will progress in the future, yet we certainly hope they never reach the standards we see in this 2019 movie, Guns Akimbo.

The absolute star of this absurd action-adventure is Daniel Radcliffe, the famous Harry Potter of the movie saga of the same name.

Here the little guy plays Miles Lee Harris, an anonymous video game developer as shy in his work and personal life, venting his pent-up ego like so many others in vicious online discussions.

Until one day, unluckily, he insults the wrong person, Riktor, aka the creator and master of SKIZM, an underground fighting game broadcast live online, watched by countless viewers who bet on the death match between participants.

In revenge, Riktor and his accomplices break into his house and kidnap him, after which they surgically nail two guns in his hands, forcing him to participate in the game.

When he regains consciousness, he realizes to have less than a day to defeat the craziest and deadliest opponent of all the contestants, Nix Degraves.

Everyone knows the reputation and ferocity of this girl, the undisputed champion of SKIZM, although few know of her dramatic and traumatic past.

Nix, therefore, begins relentlessly pursuing Miles throughout the city, ravaging the offices where he works and the homes of his friends and the girl he loves.

However, Miles eventually discovers she is the daughter of a cop, and she actually has more reason than anyone to hate Riktor and destroy SKIZM.

The two participants, therefore, decide on a slim truce, joining in the battle to bury the criminal gang behind this game forever, while Miles has less and less time and bullets hour after hour.

Today’s Social Gunslingers

Guns Akimbo is a 2019 action movie that stands out for its strangeness and unconventional tone.

Although it is not strictly a comedy, indeed, what we see on screen continually elicits laughs in a winning mix of drama and black humor.

Jason Lei Howden does not try to portray the shootings and fights realistically. Yet, it is not over-the-top like many other action movies featuring the destruction of entire cities or the world in danger.

Instead, the focus remains on the characters’ personal struggle and their individual dramas.

Despite his experience in special effects for several blockbusters, such as The Avengers and The Hobbit, on his resume, the director currently has only one other movie, Deathgasm.

This 2015 debut was even more demented, offering an absurd horror musical where a metal band of young outsiders fought against demons by playing their electric guitars.

Guns Akimbo, on the other hand, is an obvious critique of the exaggerations of social media, highlighting the dangers of digital hyperconnection and the importance of not losing sight of the real world.

Despite the serious theme, the plot is fast-paced and engaging, without wasting time on philosophical or moral discussions.

The pace flows like a raging river with well-choreographed action scenes and breathless chases over the beat of an electronic soundtrack quickening the spectator’s heart.

Despite the frenzy of sequences, the director still maintains excellent narrative coherence and clarity, getting his message across through pure entertainment.

In summary, “Guns Akimbo” may not appeal to everyone, but it is hard to call it boring.

Then again, maybe in this dehumanized and violence-desensitized world of digital content, by now, even a story like this makes less impact than it should.

Baby Actors on Board, yet the experience is ageless

Availing of Jason Lei Howden‘s exhilarating direction and entertaining screenplay, we then have an excellent cast starting with the versatile Daniel Radcliffe.

His character starts as apathetic and dissatisfied with his life, even hateful and stupid in his arrogant attitude while constantly arguing online.

However, when he gets involved in SKIZM and is forced to fight for his life, Miles slowly becomes a true action hero, although he is initially clumsy in fighting and using the guns nailed to his hands.

The tiny actor handles the many action scenes with style, succeeding entertainingly in scrambling to survive against a relentless and unstoppable Samara Weaving.

There is no reason to deny it: I madly love this girl who is furthermore the nephew of the great Hugo Weaving, whom you may all remember as the unyielding Agent Smith from the Matrix saga.

It is no coincidence I already mentioned several movies with this gorgeous actress with unstoppable charisma, such as the insane and hilarious Ready or Not or Mayhem.

Nix Degraves’s role is even better than the protagonist: a lethal fighter sowing terror among her enemies who, however, is not just a silly, sexy, feminine stereotype.

As determined as she is confused, she constantly oscillates between violence and vulnerability with a memorable performance by Weaving, who literally steals the show from all the surrounding cast.

My only minor criticism about this movie is the villain Riktor, albeit played by a convincing Ned Dennehy, being just the right amount of asshole.

Unfortunately, he seemed overly caricatured and one-dimensional to me, especially compared to Miles and Nix’s more multifaceted and less banal roles.

I love almost any cinematic genre (except musicals, I can’t stand them!); movies like Guns Akimbo of 2019 are those transformative and liberating experiences I seek above all else.

What more could you want for an explosive experience combining action, violence, and comedy in a whirlwind of excitement and adrenaline that leaves you with bated breath, a pounding heart, and a silly grin on your face?

Guns Akimbo 2019 movie
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