Movies to Watch as a Couple

Movies to Watch as a Couple – A very special evening

As we happen to experience in person or even watch from a distance with our friends, a couple’s life is never like what we see in the movies.

Indeed, having exhausted the romance of seduction and the passion with which it all begins, love goes through that phase where it either ends or mutates into something very different.

Different doesn’t necessarily mean worse, but beyond a certain point, the cheerful lightheartedness of the initial idyll fades away when one decides to make a more profound, long-term commitment.

Especially when you move in together and have to coincide the schedules of your various personal and work commitments, it becomes essential to find what to do with the remaining time you can spend together.

Besides the healthy and natural sexual activity that is also a great couple exercise to stay fit, what could be better than settling down on the couch watching a good movie?

Then if you can’t think of any movie that both he and she can enjoy, this is where I come to your rescue.

Today I suggest a series of romantic comedies with a light atmosphere that is never boring or overwhelming, a little circus of feelings in which you can walk hand in hand with your beloved partner or companion.

The Spanish Apartment (2002)

The Spanish Apartment 2002 Movies to Watch as a Couple
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We begin with a film starring a young traveler from old Europe who goes to live for a year in Spain through the Erasmus program.

The young man wants to enjoy life during his final year in business school, so he decides to complete his studies at the University of Barcelona.

Unfortunately, as soon as he arrives in town, the house turns out to be a rip-off, so he has to make up for it quickly by joining a student commune in a small apartment.

These come from throughout Europe and range over all social backgrounds, gradually opening his mind to different ways to approach the world.

He also meets a doctor who, always away on business, asks him to keep his wife company by taking her around the city.

But this closeness will lead to an affair that could ruin her marriage and his relationship with a distant girlfriend in Paris.

I admit that I saw this movie in a theater many years ago and then put it aside in the corner of my mind, but recently I have watched it again several times, appreciating it even more.

The story and characters are fun and exciting while remaining believable and realistic without American Pie-like grotesque exaggerations.

As it deals with young students, the primary topic is what you would expect: love, sex, and existential confusion about the direction to take in life.

This incredible experience will be a turning point for the protagonist, learning to deal with everyday problems without drama and enjoy every moment of happiness possible.

In short, it is a perfect movie for couples who watch with nostalgia but also a joy to the old days, only leaving melancholy until the end because we would have liked it more.

Knocked Up (2007)

Knocked Up 2007 Movies to Watch as a Couple
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After a group of young international students, we discuss an unlikely but adorable couple closer to 30 than 20.

She is the handyman assistant for a famous network who surprisingly receives the promotion she longed for, finally having her program to present.

To celebrate, she goes on a disco spree with her sister; a married woman thrilled to get a few hours away from her family.

The two sisters get so drunk that the girl takes a perfect stranger home, making passionate love without any protection.

A few weeks later, she discovers in a panic that she has become pregnant, right at the most crucial moment of her career.

Moreover, the disco boy is a chronic slacker who dreams of wealth along with his stoner friends with a stupid celebrity website.

Both must put aside their differences, trying to prepare for the arrival of this unexpected child in their lives.

Seth Rogen is undoubtedly one of my favorite comedians, along with the cheerful clique of friends/actors Jay Baruchel and Jonah Hill, who serves as his sidekicks in this movie.

His irony is often raunchy but rarely just silly or unnecessary, seasoning the many gags and misunderstandings in the story with genuine truth.

By his side, Katherine Heigl is the perfect, more serious, and professional partner who, however, slowly slips into complete uncontrollable madness from pregnancy hormones.

The actress has come to specialize in these comic/romantic roles, which we will later see numerous times, such as in the hilarious The Ugly Truth and the crude Gerard Butler, the iconic alpha leader of the unlikely Spartans in 300.

This movie is perhaps better suited for post-teenage couples, but even those under 20 will get a laugh as they watch what awaits them on the horizon.

No Strings Attached (2011)

No Strings Attached 2011 Movies to Watch as a Couple
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After following a movie featuring a wacky expecting couple for nine months, we now have a story that follows a love relationship that grows over 15 years.

It all begins on a bench between two teenagers, with him shamelessly hitting her and her appreciating the gesture but politely rejecting the advances.

As they grow up, they happen to meet several times while the girl studies to become a doctor, and instead, he works at a mediocre television studio, hoping to make a career as a screenwriter.

But a high-alcohol evening will bring them together again after he gets drunk because the girlfriend has just dumped him by getting involved with her father, a famous TV star.

The following day he wakes up in the house of the girl he had hit on as a child, where the two rediscover their mutual attraction by finally making love.

However, she always feared long-term commitments, so she intends to keep the relationship on a purely sexual level.

Of course, feelings will not be long in coming, obviously messing up their lives in an unlikely way.

Ivan Reitman has certainly directed better and more interesting films, such as the famous Ghostbusters, of which his son Jason directed a pleasant remake in 2021.

The story also has nothing we have not seen elsewhere, placing the sentimental twists and turns precisely where and in the way, we would all expect.

However, Reitman’s always impeccable direction reanimates scenes that, on the other hand, would have been unbearably mundane and boring.

Moreover, Natalie Portman is simply marvelous in this role, sweet and moody as the world’s craziest girl in love with the charming Ashton Kutcher.

So don’t expect anything original, but equally, don’t expect to be disappointed, especially if you watch this movie as a couple.

A Perfect Plan (2012)

A Perfect Plan 2012 Movies to Watch as a Couple

From America, we move to Europe, following the life and love of a beautiful girl from Paris.

Although she is happily engaged to a boy she adores, at the same time, she is afraid to marry him.

Indeed, a curse rests upon her family’s women, whereby the first marriage inevitably turns out to be a disaster.

Therefore, the only way out of this impasse is to take matters into her own hands and solve the problem before it even arises.

So she travels to Denmark to marry a compliant accomplice, immediately divorcing him and finally being free.

But the man she had arranged with backs out of the deal, and so, just weeks before the actual wedding, she must immediately find a replacement.

She then decides to seduce a poor journalist she met at the airport, going with him to Africa and marrying him amid an indigenous tribe.

But when the fateful moment comes to dump him, she discovers in this strange man a sympathy and kindness that perhaps she had never really found before.

Pascal Chaumeil began as the right-hand man to the great Olivier Assayas, then built a promising career as a director primarily of romantic comedies.

You may not be used to the style and pace of French comedies, but believe me when I say that if you want to try it, a world will open up to you that you never suspected existed.

In this case, in addition to a small window into France’s popular culture and thought, we also have a fantastic Tanzania in the wild glades of Kilimanjaro.

Finally, in addition to admiring the beautiful Diane Kruger in the unusual role of a brilliant bumbling seductress, you will also have the chance to meet a magnificent and little-known comic actor like Dany Boon.

Amazon movie

Fading Gigolo (2013)

Fading Gigolo 2013 movie
Amazon Prime Video

Finally, we end on a high note with one of my favorite directors, Woody Allen, only starring in a movie by the great actor John Turturro.

The great American comedian plays the owner of a small library in a heavily Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York.

Unfortunately, reading doesn’t bring in as much business as it used to, so he is almost on the verge of closing the place down.

At the height of despair, he asks his best friend to help him by arranging a paid hot date for a very lonely wealthy lady.

The man is not handsome or muscular and not even that young now, but he has a gentle and charming manner that the ladies find irresistible.

As a child, he had been caught shoplifting in the library, becoming a great friend of the owner after that very incident.

So he decides to comply with her request and, though not very convinced, becomes an improvised gigolo to whom the librarian pimps.

At first, everything goes swimmingly, and his clients are enthusiastic about the dates, but everything changes when he encounters a sweet, lonely widow well-known in the neighborhood.

At that point, he finds the eyes of the entire Jewish community upon him, especially a security guard who is secretly in love with the lady.

Although the headlines make John Turturro the sole writer, I find it hard to believe that Woody Allen did not put his genial stamp on it.

Indeed, the themes and humor are typical of his long filmography, which unfortunately seems to have ended, at least according to the director’s latest statements.

We hope this is not true, just as we wish John Turturro well in continuing his career after this promising and romantic debut.

Hoping that at least one of these movies will bring some romance and sympathy to your romantic evenings as a couple, I invite you to suggest other titles that you think are suitable to watch for the occasion!

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