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A Quiet Place – Never Be Scary Of Breach The Silence

Today we talk about two sci-fi horror movies that I have most enjoyed in recent years; so far, the two chapters of A Quiet Place.

The reason I added “so far” is because a third episode of the saga, called “Day One,” is coming by 2024.

I won’t say anything because, basically, nothing is known yet. I don’t know if it is a prequel or a sequel connected to the two movies we will talk about today.

Indeed, it could be a narratively independent spinoff, set in the same world but with different characters.

I think the basic idea still leaves room to create something new, obviously in the hands of a suitable director and screenwriter.

For now, however, let’s limit ourselves to talking about what we know by reviewing the first two movies of A Quiet Place together.

A Quiet Place (2018)

a quiet place 2018 movie
Amazon Prime Video

It all begins more than a year after the actual beginning when a series of meteors hit the earth.

Extremely aggressive aliens emerge from these meteors, mercilessly slaughtering anyone they encounter.

Fortunately, they are entirely blind. But unfortunately, they also have exceptional hearing that can detect the slightest noise from miles away.

As mentioned, more than 470 days have passed since the invasion, although the alien one seems more like a natural occurrence than an organized army.

Be that as it may, they have almost exterminated all the inhabitants of a small town in upstate New York.

Among the survivors is a family with a house in the woods who suffered the death of their youngest brother.

Indeed, because of a stupid and noisy toy, the aliens had torn the child apart before their eyes.

Today they live in total silence when necessary talking to each other using only sign language.

The family’s younger sister has always been deaf, so the family was not unprepared for having to live without being able to speak.

However, precisely she, who seems the weakest, unexpectedly, may actually have the secret weapon to win the war.

John Krasinski‘s direction and writing are most convincing in the movies in A Quiet Place.

His on-camera style is close to the way he writes. Simplicity is rule number one, from which to develop high-tension sequences and unexpected narrative turns.

He is also an excellent actor, playing the father of this family and determined to survive at any cost.

By his side, he has a great companion, Emily Blunt, a mother as tenacious and stubborn as he is.

Although they suffered tremendously from their young child’s death, they must hold on to the arrival of their new baby.

A Quiet Place Part II (2020)

a quiet place part II 2020 movie
Amazon Prime Video

The second part begins precisely where the first part ends, with the deaf daughter holding the key to saving humanity.

Indeed, her ear device emits some discharges that stun and almost paralyze the aliens.

Finally, the family can kill the hostile they have silently feared for so long.

Unfortunately, as soon as they leave their home, the son falls into a trap, severely injured in the foot.

So they must stop again, finding an old surviving friend who will give them a safe haven.

But listening by chance to the radio, they discover that a station is still being received in the valley, incessantly repeating the same song.

This song is also an invitation into a safe community on an island unreachable to aliens.

Somewhere where the girl could amplify the signal from her hearing aid and turn it into a weapon for everyone.

The excellent star of this episode is Millicent Simmonds, a still young but already manifestly gifted actress.

Helping her in her endeavor is Cillian Murphy, as always universally adept at playing any role.

While they complete the journey to the island, Emily Blunt and young Noah Jupe must hold out in the shelter under constant alien attack.

Now present only as a director, John Krasinski continues with the excellent work he began with the first part, this time in a more adventurous way.

However, the horror moments and the high-tension sequences are still here, becoming almost a trademark of this saga.

Compared to the first movie, the most exciting aspect is to see a broader view than just the family home.

As they will sadly discover, despite the aliens, humans have not stopped fighting stupidly with each other.

What future for this saga?

As mentioned earlier, the idea for the third chapter is probably to start a story from scratch with new characters.

The family from the first and second parts will perhaps return in a few appearances, but I would not count on much else.

At the root, there is an intention, more of the producers than of the director/writer, to create a universe of movies mimicking the Marvel franchise.

We know that so far, it has been postponed to 2024 and that John Krasinski will no longer direct it but instead by Michael Sarnoski.

Of course, that’s not much, and it’s not encouraging news either. But before we bury the corpse, let’s ensure it’s dead.

Who knows, A quiet place universe of movies could be born.

If they can stay in the ‘silent horror without degenerating into stupid superhero action, there might be something to believe.

What do you guys think? Is the topic of blind monsters with super hearing overused by now? Or did you like them so much that you would like more?

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