Movies To Get Her In The Mood

A Beautiful Night – Movies To Get Her In The Mood

When a couple of secret lovers waits so long for an intimate night, nothing is better than creating the right mood to turn her on with a movie.

And what’s more straightforward than playing a movie where uncontrollable passion flares up between the protagonists?

True love knows no limits or restrictions, and all that matters is the happiness of both partners.

Let’s look at some examples together in these splendid movies.

1- 9 1/2 Weeks (1986)

Woman and Man in love

They meet by chance in a street market and immediately burn in an overwhelming and uncontrollable passion.

They know nothing about each other life, but his fantasies always manage to ignite her arousal like no one before.

Keeping this relationship a secret for themselves, they stay united as a couple at night and live their routine day on their behalf.

Building their little world of sex and forbidden desires, he prefers to be a secret lover and leave out any relatives or friends.

She, too, initially agreed, having emerged from many disappointing reports in the past.

But soon, the woman begins to want to know him better and his way of life, seemingly detached from everything and everyone.

On the other hand, he tries to involve them in increasingly extreme situations that sometimes make her uncomfortable.

How long can such a relationship last? The answer lies in the title of the movie.

Once upon a time, two young actors destined to become international stars

Absolute generational cult with a Kim Basinger’s striptease now in cinema history.

In Joe Cocker’s You Can Leave Your Hat On, dancing for his lover conquers collective imagination forever.

The actress plays a delicate woman working in an art gallery. A little shy at the start but then burning with passion once thrown into sex fire.

Mickey Rourke is still at the beginning of his career at her side. Very young, mysterious, and full of charisma and charm.

The man leads the game from the beginning, but the woman is the strongest in the end.

Indeed, she’s the only one having the strength, despite loving him, to front the solidity of their passion.

Adrian Lyne, as usual, is perfect at making the most of the beauty of his stars. Also, skilled at making them intriguing even beyond the sex scenes.

Director with fluctuating success, this probably remains his best-known movie. Presumably, a film so famous that it is known even to those who have not seen it.

Absolutely deserving to be the first of these three movies to put your lady in the best mood.

2- Breathe In (2013)

Woman and Man in love

A family decides to host a girl as part of a study program for young people abroad.

Initially, she’s well accepted by the parents and the house’s daughter.

The young, almost involuntarily, begins to break ever deeper into her father’s spirit and heart.

When the married couple is separated, they always end up being night secret lovers in the empty house.

The husband suppressed his passion for music, aspiring to play professionally but forced him to be a teacher for his family.

Music is also a secret for her, an excellent piano player who denies and hides her talent.

Talent matured in sufferance from a problematic family condition since she was a child.

The two lovers are increasingly carried away by their mutual feeling until it becomes a self-destructive passion.

Love, art, and passion

Breathe In is a story where, paradoxically, the two characters who come out better are the two secret lovers.

They’re pure and honest despite their secret and socially “immoral” affair between an adult and a girl.

Mediocrity that’s hypocritical and phony, everyone else, including the wife who completely disregards her husband’s artistic aspirations.

The beautiful Felicity Jones is excellent in the complex role, silent and sad but capable of great determination.

Especially when she teaches the man how to breathe to calm down before his rehearsal in the concert.

Guy Pierce is great as usual, revealing his hidden suffering lies to his own family with a few glances.

Director Drake Doremus speaks in this story of betrayal, but not only. Also, the theme of sacrifice for one’s family instead of giving one’s life a purpose and meaning.

A great story about pure white happiness: sometimes denied in exchange for petty personal fulfillment of having a job and a secure salary.

Definitely the most innocent of these movie selections, yet holding the lost love tenderness for the right mood over to your evening.

3- Last Tango in Paris (1972)

Woman and Man in love

Against Paris’s blue background, a mature man and a very young girl meet by chance.

In an apartment that has just been put up for sale, the two immediately like each other.

Into a wild and uncontrollable romance, they entirely center around their desire for each other warm bodies.

They ignore any aspect of their lives, don’t know each other’s names, and find refuge in the heat of sex like a shack in a storm.

They are in the chaos of their sad and empty personal stories and refuse to give importance to that relationship.

But the heart is never easy to tame, both for the young woman full of life and joy and the most mature and cynical man lived.

Fiercely loved by each other without any mutual knowledge, despite the life-changing emotional experience.

And eventually, their tango of passion will become a sublime tragedy without redemption for anyone.

Love and cruelty between two generations

A great love and madness story with grace and kindness still represents a cornerstone for sudden love and passion.

Superlative Marlon Brando is made of wisdom and stupidity combined with sweetness and wickedness in a total interpretation.

Already a sex symbol and a recognized world-famous actor. With this role, he builds even more, the foundations of his career.

Equally beautiful is the very young Maria Schneider. In the role of a girl searching for her path and her place in the world.

While sometimes retreating in the face of the man’s aggression, she never gives up, keeping up with her lover’s temper.

Bernardo Bertolucci directs a memorable film where the challenge between these secret lovers won’t finally get any winner.

But rather, between wisdom and the cynicism of old age, against ingenuity and the hope of youth.

Fiercely received by critics for the numerous and explicit erotic scenes, it still managed to become a phenomenal blockbuster.

Therefore, a movie is perfect as a conclusion for a more transgressive mood, in a movie that made movie history.

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