Bridesmaids 2011 movie

Bridesmaids – Jubilant about marriage but looking for a life breakthrough?

Bridesmaids is a sparkling 2011 comedy, a movie where women are absolutely front and center.

The story begins with a 40-year-old woman at a delicate time in her life, both financially and emotionally.

Her restoration shop is recently out of business, so she will likely be moving in with her parents again.

She is in a relationship with a handsome man, yet after sex, he wants nothing to do with her.

Amidst this mess, her best friend is getting married and wants her to arrange it with the other bridesmaids.

Contrary to her, everything in the rich and happy friend’s life seems to be going swimmingly.

While she tries to be cheerful, however, she can’t help but compare the situation with the other bridesmaids as well.

Some of them are nice and kind, while on the other hand, a snobby and arrogant woman practically becomes her nemesis.

However, something also goes right, when a cop stops by one night and starts flirting with her.

Then she starts hoping again for what she wants in life: a man who understands and supports her.

But just before the wedding, stressed by her organizational duties and the snobby woman, she has a nervous breakdown.

After exploding in anger before the entire bride’s family, she feels sadder and lonelier than ever.

While she is undecided whether or not to go to the wedding again, help will come from the most unexpected person.

The perfection of imperfection

I consider Bridesmaids among the best women’s comedy movies of not only 2011 but probably the last 30 years.

Sometimes it is a bit vulgar, as in the scene with the bridesmaids with stomach aches during the dress fitting.

Yet the acting verve of all these wonderful actresses leaves no disgust, only sympathy, and even innocent sweetness.

Many other situations are deliberately exaggerated and grotesque, especially when the wild Melissa McCarthy is involved.

However, willing to analyze each moment and dialog properly, there is more intelligence than might seem at first glance.

Notably, the story succeeds in making fun of even sad or humiliating events facing with joy and courage.

So let’s applaud the script by lead actress Kristen Wiig and the equally talented Annie Mumolo.

Their work portrays with simplicity the life of many forty-year-olds, not only women, I might add.

It is a generation coming through the fundamental life crossroads with disappointing work and personal situations.

So it’s vital to succeed as these characters do in keeping a smile in the dark moments, holding on until dawn.

In the same way, you can embrace your weaknesses and lull into a good hysterical cry to release them.

We’re all human, not perfect or beautiful, and we don’t have to despair of trying to be at all costs.

Those are the feelings and sentiments of this adorable 2011 movie, loving each of these cute and messy bridesmaids.

The victory of the 40+ women

The cast is perfectly matched, including several talented women from the famous Saturday Night Live.

Let’s start with the fantastic Kristen Wiig, beautiful precisely as she writes: simply and naturally without any trick.

A woman no longer young but still unhappy, often prone to weakness and stupidity, standing beside us in her fallacious humanity.

At her side is the devastating Melissa McCarthy, a volcano always bubbling with hilarious jokes and comic scenes.

The woman accepts with irony that she is not a sexy supermodel, always going on the attack and striking first.

Since the distant legal thriller series Damages, Rose Byrne is one of my favorite actresses.

In here, she’s the annoying, petulant, spoiled rich girl, yet ready to break down to reveal her hidden fears.

Finally, Maya Rudolph is the bride around whom the whole big mess of other characters revolves.

She, too, lives confusingly this crazy wedding, where nothing seems to go right.

Paul Feig beautifully directs these actresses, something he, unfortunately, was unable to accomplish later in the 2016 Ghostbusters remake.

However, in 2011 Bridesmaids was a huge success worldwide, becoming a nearly $300 million gold movie.

It was a well-deserved victory for a 30 million all-female production, shamelessly dealing with problems and doubts about turning 40.

In summary, I recommend this movie for everyone, single or married; it will surely make you laugh and also think about your life.

Bridesmaids 2011 movie
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