IL CONTE VA A KYOTO (COUNT GOES TO KYOTO), a drink from the rising sun by the italian bartender Elena Palmerini.

Il conte va a Kyoto – The rising sun drink


(COUNT GOES TO KYOTO – A drink from the rising sun)


Elena Palmerini @travel_ with_mrswine F&B digital creator – consultant


20 ml of each
-vermouth red Winestillery
-ama_te’ Matcha bio ice tea

2-3 Umami bitter drops 
Alga Wakame
Orange essential oil

Glass: Japanese cup

Garnish: fresh wakame seaweed and orange julienne

IL CONTE VA A KYOTO, the rising sun drink
IL CONTE VA A KYOTO – A drink by Elena Palmerini


Make the cocktail using the build technique, so directly into where you will serve the cocktail, in this case, a Japanese cup.

Place a single large cube of ice (known as a big rock), then pour in the drops of Umami bitter, which are the main three ingredients.

Round off with the ama_te’ Matcha bio ice tea and blend elegantly for 7-8 seconds with a bar spoon before adding drops of orange essential oil.

Finish by placing fresh Wakame seaweed and orange julienne on typical oriental chopsticks.

IL CONTE VA A KYOTO, the rising sun drink
IL CONTE VA A KYOTO – A drink by Elena Palmerini


The drink Il conte va a Kyoto is one of three recipes dedicated to Japan by the bartender.

Elena Palmerini, F&B Digital Creator and Tuscan consultant, have unified Italy and Japan in an elegant osmotic process.

As a result, the combination of her love for the Rising Sun merge with the Italian classic, the Negroni.

Specifically, it is one of the most popular beverages in the world, this iconic drink started in Florence in 1919.

A long time ago, Count Camillo Negroni created it forthwith his return to Florence from one of his many trips.

Then he proposed it to the café via de’ Tornabuoni that he usually frequented, an American-style cocktail.

Thus was born Negroni and the recipe of one-third gin, one-third Campari, and one-third red vermouth.

Elena Palmerini’s twist on the classic has shōchū, the typical Japanese brandy, instead of gin.

Equally, she keeps in the recipe the always elegant Campari, synonymous with taste and internationality and using as red vermouth the Winestillery, a product of Chianti.

To emphasize the Japanese feeling drops of Umami bitter and the use of brown wakame seaweed.

While to bring back the Japanese taste, even if coming from Italy, here is the use of ama_te’ Matcha bio ice tea.

The Treviso-based Bevande Futuriste product combines the most delicate Matcha tea powder from the best varieties.

Matcha bio ice tea without sugar has the highest concentration of beneficial properties.

It is an excellent anti-aging and anti-cancer ally and protects against heart attacks.

Moreover, it fights cholesterol, and free radicals help to soothe headaches, anxiety, and stress.

IL CONTE VA A KYOTO, the rising sun drink
Elena Palmerini – Bartender


Elena Palmerini (@travel_with_mrswine) is back in her Tuscan homeland, full of news and good vibes.

Before reaching the rising sun, formerly she was a well-known luxury bar manager in Milano and Versilia.

After more than two years spent worldwide, traveling between Asia and Oceania, now she’s again at home.

Looking for inspirations and fresh ingredients with a backpack on her shoulders, we now taste and experience the result of her long work.

Ufficio Stampa Bevande Futuriste
Carlo Dutto per I Maestri del Cocktail
cell. 348 0646089

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