A drink about the Third Chakra MANIPURA, with the self-esteem and autonomy fulcrum, and also the will and personal realization center.

Manipura – The third chakra of drinks

DRINK: MANIPURA (The third chakra of drinks)


Giuseppe Marzovilla, owner and bartender of the Parlapiano Bistrot – Cooking mix in Mola di Bari (BA)


5 cl Roku Gin
2 cl grapefruit juice
1 cl yuzu syrup
10 fresh citronella leaves
2 dash Violento Bitter

Old Fashioned


In the first place, prepare the drink directly in the glass with the build technique.

Then, pour the Roku Gin and other ingredients into a glass Old Fashioned with crushed ice.

Finally, add fresh citronella leaves, turn with a bar spoon and serve.

manipura, the third chakra drink


The first thing to remember, the Manipura is the new and original drink in a list inspired by the seven chakras, designed by Giuseppe Marzovilla – owner and bartender of Parlapiano Bistrot from Mola di Bari in Italy.

As an illustration, you can find the third chakra in the solar plexus with the yellow color representing it.

The I CAN idea is the self-esteem and autonomy fulcrum, but it is also the will and personal realization center.

As a result, the drink has the core of flavor and taste in the Japanese Roku Gin, distributed in Italy by Stock Spirits and recently protagonist of the campaign Alive with the seasons of Japan.

With its fresh and spicy notes, the Roku Gin here meets citronella, yuzu, and grapefruit, to give life to a refreshing mixture and decided character, with the purpose, according to the chakra Manipura, to make those who drink it aware of themselves… just because I can

A drink list signed by Marzovilla that, after the two equally important inspired by drugs, does not depart from the concept of human well-being:

We still need it and I first – stresses the bartender – to try to feel good to forget what wears us out from a year and a half to this part“.

Seven drinks for seven chakras, the energy centers in our bodies, are charged to collect, metabolize,e and finally release outward the vital energy that surrounds us, each associated with a color.

Giuseppe Marzovilla, owner and bartender of the Parlapiano Bistrot in Mola, Bari.

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