The original Willy Wonka is a timeless tale of a poor but happy family who, for once in life, has an immense stroke of luck. #MOVIES

Willy Wonka – An original drink for the original movie

The original Willy Wonka will always remain in our hearts, without detracting the 2005 Tim Burton remake with Johnny Depp.

This timeless cult is the tale of a poor but happy family, which lives without too much pretense.

But they, too, for once in their lives, have an immense stroke of luck.

Buying a chocolate bar, the home child finds a golden ticket.

The ticket is one of the very few in a lottery that the world would like to win.

The brilliant chocolatier Willy Wonka offers the winners a series of prizes and the incredible opportunity to visit his factory.

All those who hold the winning ticket will be just the beginning of an exciting and incredible journey.

Indeed, the Wonka factory is like a fortress that no one has ever been able to visit before.

It is a unique set of magic and high technology where they work humming their cute but fearsome little humans he calls Oompa-Loompas.

These tireless workers are totally loyal to their master and are ready to do anything to protect him and his confectionery secrets.

But that’s not all. Crossing the threshold of that world, all winners will also have to face their true nature.

And at the end of that journey, only one of them will be able to enjoy the real prize that Wonka has always intended to offer.

The Drink


(inspired by the original movie Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory by Mel Stuart, 1971)

BARTENDERAlessio Navacci, QVINTO barman in Rome

INGREDIENTS: 60 ml Ezra Brooks Straight Rye Whiskey
30 ml banana osmosis
30 ml lime juice
10 ml anise and coffee essence
Dark chocolate
Dried lime

Glass: high cup


First of all, prepare the banana osmosis with 150 grams of white sugar, 130 grams of fresh banana, and 0,5 grams of citric acid.

Then, leave the vacuumed mixture to rest for 24 hours, filter it, and pour it into a bottle with the stopper.

To prepare anise and coffee essence, leave to macerate for 24 hours 10 grams of coffee beans and 4 stars of anise on 200 ml of vodka, carefully filtering everything at the end of the processor.

Finally, pour the preparations into a shaker and prepare the drink with the shake&strain technique.

The Drink Maker


The bartender of QVINTO in Rome, Alessio Navacci, has elaborated this drink with a warm taste, fruity and decided, perfect for autumn and winter.

The Ezra Brooks Straight Rye Whiskey, distributed in Italy by Pallini, plays a key role in the drink’s roundness.

A taste that is expressed in a perfect combination with both banana and anise and coffee, giving the whole character and tenacity.

The palate immediately perceives an enveloping texture, thanks to the complicity of banana osmosis.

Finally, this sensation leaves room for the aroma of the coffee, with the pungency of anise.

The lime corrects and balances the ingredients perfectly, exalting them and obtaining elegance and pleasant hints of bitterness.

While drinking, the glass is half immersed in a bath of dark chocolate to make Oompa Loompa happy!

The drink comes from QVINTO, in the beautiful park of Tor di Quinto, Roma Nord area.

It is a restaurant on the ground floor, with a grill and a pizzeria, a large terrace with a well-stocked bar, and a terrace for aperitifs and events in an informal but elegant location.

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