Ideas for Home and Movies – Step 1

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This does not want to be a technical review... we humbly gving our judgments and giving advice to choose which tv model is best for you.

Which TV model is best for your movie-watching habits?

This does not want to be a review full of details and technical elements in the first place.

We humbly limit ourselves to giving our judgments and giving advice to you.

Based on our knowledge and your different needs, we hope to help you choose the television that best suits your way of seeing movies.

Have fun, all of you!

Written by Matteo Roselli

Edited by Fabio Emme

Today we talk about some ideas to watch movies in the comfort of your home, spending the right prices according to your wallet.

Build your own Home Cinema

Step 1
Choose your TV


Television models to watch high-quality cinema sitting comfortably on your sofas

TV model 1

The All-Rounder

Sony X80J / X81J

tv model Sony
tv model Sony

Excellent panel and processor

4K Ultra HD High

Dynamic Range (HDR)

And it also has a good Smart Menu with Android TV

TV model 2

For the image purists

Panasonic Oled Serie JZ

tv model Panasonic
tv model Panasonic

The best image-level tv on the market

These TV are the ones who best emulate the cinematic experience.

Unfortunately, we report an uncomfortable Smart menu.

TV model 3

The best Smart TV

Samsung QLED and NEO QLED

tv model Samsung
tv model Samsung

It’s the perfect TV for hard drive users

And also for those who love streaming services to watch content.

Fast and flexible menu with all the apps you need.

TV model 4

Large format at low prices

LG U Series

tv model LG
tv model LG

Is it possible to find a 75 inch without spending a lot?

An enormous size TV to make the most of your interior.

Hdr, 4K, and a medium-level usage experience, but at an accessible cost.

Finding something interesting ?

Let us know what you think of our advice in this first step... and possibly send us your advice!

Stay Tuned for the next Step

Choose your ideal Audio System

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