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An intriguing sci-fi to time travel with a claustrophobic and thriller-like plot with a pleasing cast, and special effects. #MOVIES

AM 11:00 is the story of a scientist and his team creating a machine to time travel.

After convincing a wealthy tycoon to finance their work, they build a secret lab on a remote atoll in the ocean.

After years without results, the investor is about to withdraw, and they have to hurry up to try the machine.

To gain the trust of the financiers, they will make a time travel of only 24 hours into the future.

Indeed, the next day the laboratory will be empty, and it will be the perfect occasion for a test.

Taking a document in a safe closet during the next 24 hours would prove the system works.

The scientist enters the machine to time travel a day ahead in time with a young researcher girl.

But on their arrival, they find the laboratory on fire and at the point of final destruction.

In addition, while searching the files in the safe, someone even attacks him from behind and tries to kill him.

Safely back to the present, they seek what could have gone wrong in only one day since the test.

Their only chance would be by examining future security footage that travelers brought back.

24 hours are enough to change fate?

AM 11:00 is an intriguing sci-fi to time travel with a claustrophobic atmosphere and a thriller-like plot evolution.

The South Korean director Hyun-seok Kim directs a movie with a reasonable budget, a good cast, and pleasing special effects.

The rhythm immediately starts without getting lost in scenes or useless characters.

It is a highly dense plot, compressing in an hour and forty minutes an excellent sci-fi entertainment.

Suspense grows while the relationships between the various characters change, becoming more complex and dangerous.

The pleasant laboratory becomes a hell without exit when the various scientist’s interactions radically change.

Personal relationships between these men and women, friends only the day before, quickly become a struggle for survival without mercy.

In conclusion, only 24 hours is enough for this little apocalypse.

Destroying the work of a lifetime, they kill themselves, transforming from people of science into beasts without consciousness.

An intriguing sci-fi to time travel with a claustrophobic and thriller-like plot with a pleasing cast, and special effects. #MOVIES

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