Space Cowboys

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To repair a satellite malfunction, NASA's recruit four older space cowboys, originally destined for flight to the moon in the 50s. #MOVIES

Space Cowboys begins with NASA’s recruit four older men, originally destined for the first flight to the moon in the 50s.

A satellite that dates back to the Cold War has a malfunction, and its equipment is obsolete and unknown to current technicians.

One of these men in the past was the engineer who had devised the very technology that now needs repair.

He wants to exploit this occasion as revenge against his NASA boss, who had denied him going to the moon.

Together with his elderly comrades, he will have to repeat the hard training to assess their physical and psychological conditions.

His friends accept the proposal, enthusiastic about finally traveling in space, even if forty years late.

Unfortunately, the mission will prove to be much more difficult and dangerous than expected.

Indeed, they will soon discover that what the Russians said was a communications satellite is actually a nuclear missile platform.

At that point, the elderly and wise astronauts will run against time before satellite crashes and bombards the United States.

Zero gravity friends enemies

Space Cowboys is a sci-fi comedy dealing with aging, friendship, and the spirit of adventure and revenge of men.

NASA’s mission to these older people isn’t just a second chance at astronauts.

Indeed, it will also be the last opportunity to reconciliation after years of hating each other for two of them.

In addition to directing the movie, Clint Eastwood plays one of them, who was once the group leader.

His friend/enemy is Tommy Lee Jones, a retired pilot who enjoys doing crazy plane acrobatics for tourists.

Both are old grumps, stubborn and arrogant, but undeniably the best in their work.

Their rivalry alone is worth half the film, triggering a series of comic and sad duets simultaneously.

Not least are the other two old astronauts, the womanizer Donald Sutherland and the navigator and fervent Baptist James Garner.

Two friends who perfectly close a poker of amazing actors who clearly enjoy making fun of themselves.

An unique humorous western sci-fi jewel

Clint Eastwood does not forget his western origins, even shooting a sci-fi story.

Taking us to the moon and back with this wonderful movie, his journey is a wonderful ride through space.

Especially in the first half, the four friends seem older than they have been since their adventures, rather than astronauts.

Four men with the joke ready do not bend and do not break and live with joy and lightness.

The great American director brilliantly mitigates his characters’ heroism, highlighting the flaws as their immeasurable ego.

The second part becomes an excellent sci-fi with care in the technical details and the adventurous rhythm.

Space travel is realistic and detailed as Ron Howard’s most famous Apollo 13, which has many similarities in many scenes.

Space Cowboys has been a great success in cinemas worldwide, once again making the talent of Clint Eastwood shine.

A director who, even at the dawn of his 91 years, is a beacon for cultures and generations of filmmakers.

To repair a satellite malfunction, NASA's recruit four older space cowboys, originally destined for flight to the moon in the 50s. #MOVIES

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