Bound to Vengeance

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Bound to Vengeance is a kidnap movie that runs contrary to the usual plot, starting with the escape of the prisoner and her revenge. #MOVIES

Bound to Vengeance is a kidnapping movie contrary to the usual revenge plot, starting with the victim escaping her prison.

We don’t know how long the girl lived in that place or the circumstances she ended up in there.

Once through that door, she finds herself in a decadent house in the middle of nowhere with her cruel kidnapper.

Searching among his things, she then finds photographs of other girls like her, hidden who knows where.

She then decides to try to save them, keeping the man on a leash to drive her.

But the girls she finds will have severe psychological damage after all that time suffering violence.

In addition, talking to her prisoner man, she finds that it is not the crimes of a single individual.

Indeed, an entire organized group of these maniacs work together to kidnap girls, abuse and then resell them.

As the long night slips with horror towards the end, she too begins to change, becoming ruthless like them.

When the victim becomes executioner

Bound to Vengeance is a dark and pessimistic thriller, where revenge takes on a different meaning than other kidnap movies.

The beautiful protagonist’s delicate face slowly turns into a mask of exasperated madness without return.

She falls entirely into this hideous underworld that exists next to our normal one.

Her innocence will eventually disappear when she tastes the blood of violent sociopaths who kidnap women.

Despite this, even the villains in this story are not mere stereotypes of cruel one-dimensional men.

These men are also intelligent and manage to exploit the hostage syndrome, establishing an indissoluble bond with these girls.

The prisoner will attempt in every way to manipulate her, speaking in a touching way of his personal life.

Indeed, the girl will feel even more anguish when she finally encounters her enemy’s ordinary family.

A new result with the same ingredients, but in different order

José Manuel Cravioto dismantles the usual canons of revenge and kidnaps movies starting from where these usually end.

In this way, the director eliminates any obligation to follow a plot that we all already know by heart.

It may seem a small thing, but this simple events order change is the winning move of this movie.

In addition, the thriller remains equally tense and engaging even if it is the victim who holds power.

The young actress Tina Ivlev is outstanding in the leading role, playing her fear that becomes anger.

Equally, she is beautiful and sweet in the shots where we see her in an amateur movie with her boyfriend.

These moments, after a few times, may seem perhaps repetitive and misleading.

But they have a precise purpose within the narrative when in the final, things come full circle.

Bound to Vengeance was a failure at the box office, remaining unknown to the general public.

Unfortunately, a real shame for the director then no longer directed other movies, ending up running television series.

Who knows that maybe by spreading the word among us, he has a new chance to use his talent better.

Bound to Vengeance is a kidnap movie that runs contrary to the usual plot, starting with the escape of the prisoner and her revenge. #MOVIES


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