Nowhere to Run

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An action western with Jean-Claude Van Damme as a fugitive from justice and a lonely family against the unscrupulous greed of men. #MOVIES

A fugitive from justice hides from the police finding shelter in a forest near a small town.

A young widow and two young children live nearby in a small house cultivating and raising cattle.

The woman tries to live peacefully, but a group of speculators torments her all the time.

Their purpose is to buy her land soon as possible to complete a big profitable construction project.

Unable to force her to give up her property, they even attack her in front of her house.

Then the criminal intervenes and protects her by savagely beating all men.

For gratitude, the woman welcomes him in her barn and offers to sell him the bike of her late husband.

But the bike is old and needs repairs, so he will have to spend some time with the small family.

Meanwhile, the speculators, together with the city’s corrupt sheriff, decide to hit the woman even harder.

The fugitive will become the last hope for justice and saving her home and children.

Fast-paced action with a sweet beating heart

Nowhere to Run is a tough action western with Jean-Claude Van Damme, acting more and kicking less for once.

A great romance and redemption movie by the excellent Robert Harmon, director of the legendary The Hitcher.

The rural and remote atmosphere of the locations literally transports us to another time where everyone had to fight with blood to defend their property.

Far from the metropolis’s chaos and confusion, what could be a small paradise becomes a hell to fight to survive.

All this, once again, always and only for the money that too often spoils what is beautiful and delicate in this world.

There is no justice from the authorities for the woman, and paradoxically only the fugitive criminal is the only one willing to give his life to help her.

Between the two born a sweet love story and happiness’ even for his two children who, for a short time, finally have a father again.

The loneliness of a single mother and a fugitive from justice

Despite being an action movie, the main theme of this story is loneliness and hope.

The sweet and lost look of the beautiful Rosanna Arquette elevates and expresses these feelings to the maximum.

A single mother with a difficult and lonely life, completely alone against the unscrupulous greed of men.

She and her children need someone to complete their missing life by too much time.

Therefore, the criminal slowly reconstructs the dead husband’s bike as just an excuse for him to stay with her as long as possible.

All of them find new hope for a better life and perhaps even a little ‘peace and happiness in pain and suffering.

Nowhere to Run did not have much financial success, earning little more than its production budget.

Personally, however, I think it is one of the best movies in Van Damme’s filmography.

With fewer fighting scenes and more emotional intensity, the actor finally had a small chance to act with his face instead of punching and kicking.

An action western with Jean-Claude Van Damme as a fugitive from justice and a lonely family against the unscrupulous greed of men. #MOVIES

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