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An exciting drama with poetic style about an airplane crash survivor's torment, unharmed in body but severely wounded in the soul. #MOVIES

Fearless is the story of a man miraculously surviving an airplane crash.

After helping many passengers get out of the burning carcass, he leaves without saying anything to anyone.

But later, the authorities track down him, and he returns to his family, together with a psychologist.

From the first moment, it is clear that something in him has changed and not necessarily for the better.

Despite pretending indifference and even judging the experience positively, the man can not return to his normal life.

His relationship with his wife and son worsens day after day due to his increasingly abnormal and detached attitude.

The only woman he can connect with is another survivor who lost her son in the airplane accident.

Instead, she lives locked in her pain, refusing the help of the psychologist and also that of her husband.

Together they will try to help each other to overcome and accept what happened.

But perhaps for man, it is too late, driven by the insane belief that he has become invulnerable.

Can the soul’s wounds heal?

Fearless is an exciting human drama about a survivor’s torment, unharmed in body but severely wounded in the soul.

Peter Weir directs with poetic and romantic style, making an almost dreamlike experience instead of another already seen disaster movie.

The movie tells a story full of touching humanity, without being boring or excessively heavy to watch.

The music is delicate and inserted with intelligence in the various scenes.

Without ever becoming intrusive, it respects the silence and moments of the solitude of the various characters.

The story’s pace is slow and takes as long as it takes to enter an almost supernatural mood.

Although the protagonist claims to be an atheist, he is obviously influenced religiously by his near-death experience.

It will therefore be easy to pass from not believing in God to believing that he has become a God.

Can you live without being afraid to die at all?

Jeff Bridges is a superlative protagonist, able with grace and sympathy to seem lucid and crazy at the same time.

His divine complex, believing himself to be immortal, always makes him unpredictable in every scene.

Indeed, every time we hold our breath for who knows what madness he could do or say at any moment.

His pain is expressed not with excruciating tears or exaggerated gestures.

On the contrary, he acts with a simple and cruel indifference to all those who try to help him.

On the other hand, he behaves in an absolutely different way with his survivor soul mate Rosie Perez.

He becomes her savior angel, tirelessly trying to make her forget the dramatic pain of the loss of her son.

Light humor with a complex psychological introspection continuously alternates between pain and regret, sweetness, and compassion.

Indeed, a group of profiteering lawyers, around the airplane survivors, would like to make money from their sufferings

Many victims’ families succumb to deception, but the protagonist categorically refuses to lie, ruining the deal.

Thus the conflict between the soul salvation and the vile money takes him away from all friends and relatives.

His only hope remains than his wife. The beautiful talent of Isabella Rossellini, determined not to give up anything, will stand until the end for her family.

Fearless is a 90’s movie that, in all this time, has not lost anything of its elegance and narrative strength.

And for all the new generations who may never hear about it, I can only say:

Give it a chance, and you won’t regret it, because sadly they don’t make movies like this anymore.

An exciting drama with poetic style about an airplane crash survivor's torment, unharmed in body but severely wounded in the soul. #MOVIES

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