Mighty Aphrodite

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Mighty Aphrodite is a hilarious parody about love, destiny, lies and compromises we all make in order to be happy. #MOVIES

Mighty Aphrodite is the story of a married couple living in health and happiness but feeling that they are missing something.

Indeed, the woman wants to have a baby but afraid of losing her job for a long time of pregnancy.

The husband, on the other side, is not entirely sure it would positively change their life.

So she begins adopting procedures for a foster baby from a young unknown girl without telling him anything until done.

He initially reacts with irritation but then immediately falls in love as soon as he sees the lovely child.

Years later, their son grew up becoming a nice, energetic, and smart kid.

The father is curious about who the biological mother is, even though social services cannot provide him with her name.

But he’s a journalist, and thanks to his contacts, he still finds out.

Surprisingly, she lives in their own city, being a porn actress and a casual prostitute.

Without saying anything to his wife, the man arranges an appointment pretending to be one of her sex clients.

Despite her ambiguous profession, he discovers she is actually just a little bit unlucky and naive girl.

For this reason, he decides to help her.

Starting to get out of her rough profession, he tries to find her a partner to build a family.

But fate has very different plans for them, and even her marriage could be at risk.

The Greek tragedy of a New York Pornstar.

Mighty Aphrodite is a hilarious comedy about love, destiny, and lies.

All the lies and compromises we make in order to be happy, screwing up our lives instead of solving problems.

Initially, the desire is to give a name and a face to his son’s biological origins.

He strongly believes, indeed, once the kid grew up will certainly want to know who his mother is.

Once he finds the mother, the desire to change her pity life becomes inevitably romantic and sexual involvement.

She’s massive ignorant and vulgar, but deeply she has a big heart.

Finally, what she only wants is a man to love and protect her.

The game of misunderstandings and lies becomes irresistible, filling with joy and good humor for its simplicity.

Among the various scenes and the various characters, a funny Greek chorus brilliantly interrupt the movie discussing what is happening in real-time.

These moments are the apex of burlesque, combining modern cinema slang with theatrical pieces’ classic author language.

Laugh loud but with thought and feeling.

Woody Allen returns once again to New York with a romantic comedy.

The actor and director play one of his most outspoken and foul-mouthed films without being vulgar or exaggerated.

It was easy to get carried away by the porn and sex topic, but he always created smart and refined dialogues.

A carousel of jokes and double meanings that never bore and make you think about the sadness of the passing time, the growth, and the loss of innocence.

Despite being full of problems, all the characters never let discouragement overwhelm them and always react with energy and humor.

Mira Sorvino is an exceptional protagonist, a sexy and naive hottie who curses hilarious vulgarity like a machine gun.

But knowing her closer and better, everything changes radically.

During their strange relationship, we can discover her sadness and repentance for having to abandon her newborn child.

She’s a young girl who’s never had a chance in life, so Allen decides to help her rebuild a new life from scratch.

But his attempts will be in vain, and in the end, fate will ironically have an unexpected ending for all of them.

In summary, Mighty Aphrodite is a good play for any event or situation.

You can see it with friends or family, or even completely alone will leave you anyway with a satisfied smile arriving at the end credits.

Mighty Aphrodite is a hilarious parody about love, destiny, lies and compromises we all make in order to be happy. #MOVIES

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