The Disaster Artist

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The incredible making of the The Room, one of the worst movies ever released... ugly enough to be irresistibly hilarious. #MOVIES

The Disaster Artist is the incredible making of the independent movie The Room.

It was one of the worst films ever released, ugly enough to be irresistibly hilarious.

Indeed, over the years has become a cult with lots of admirers worldwide knowing the script backward and forwards.

With a lot of trouble and his loyal friend Greg Sestero‘s help, Tommy Wiseau finally succeeds in doing it.

The two met after an unsatisfactory experience at an acting class and then left for California to search for luck.

Wiseau was a strange and (in his way) fascinating personality, immediately become close to Sestero.

He finds a true friend in this man alienated from reality and living in a world completely of his own.

Although he was completely ignorant about cinema or making videos, he puts millions of dollars into making this movie.

His friend Sestero endures even if he was often annoying and cumbersome, respecting his unyielding will to tell his story.

Giving up other roles for his acting career, he stays faithful to a production when everyone else is fed up.

The boy endures the arrogant and unintentionally hilarious delusions of his friend’s grandeur.

Understanding he suffers from being so different from the others, their friendship is even reinforced by Wiseau’s childish attitude.

Great responsibility comes from great idiocy

Finally, The Room‘s premiere day arrives, and the public overwhelms it with laughter.

Wiseau is initially shocked and disappointed, leaving the theatre about to cry.

But thanks to his friend he understands that the audience is still loving his film.

This is the most beautiful message of The Disaster Artist:

if something brings joy into your life, it doesn’t matter if you’re a master at it

A warning to all haters in the world, spending their whole days criticizing what other people like?

I don’t really know and I don’t want to go into mass psychological analysis.

But the social media’s world, from its birth to today, has become increasingly harsh and ruthless towards everyone and everything.

So let’s just say, Tommy Wiseau is a terrible actor, writer and director.

But his works have far more soul and heart than all the toxic comments in the world put together.

Low budget but great passions

James Franco does an exceptional directing job and literally becomes Tommy Wiseau himself.

The actor is perfect in imitating the mime, the speech, and the protagonist’s uncontainable madness.

His every scene is pure hilarity because he is tremendously serious and does not understand why others do not understand.

Dave Franco is also good at playing Sestero, who helps writing this movie’s screenplay.

He plays this little actor wanting to prove his talent, but no one’s ever given him a chance.

So life combines its path with that of Wiseau in a bizarre project that will change everything forever.

With a low budget (cost less than The Room), The Disaster Artist grossed extremely well worldwide.

It is a small big win for all unknown actors and directors who have never made it.

Indeed, I hope it may help someone find the courage and finally launch and live their passion.

I think a piece of advice applies to all of us, no matter what art we adore.

Never let anyone tell you that you’re not good enough. Very often, it doesn’t matter anyway.

The important thing is to do what you love and remain faithful to your spirit, because it is the only thing that can illuminate a world that today is very sad and dark.

The incredible making of the The Room, one of the worst movies ever released... ugly enough to be irresistibly hilarious. #MOVIES

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