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An oniric trap with a slow descent into the hell transforming everyone's common dream of having a home into an infinite nightmare. #MOVIES

Vivarium begins with a real estate agent accompanies a young couple to a huge housing complex for sale.

After the visit of the house, the agent disappears and the disappointed couple gets back in the car to go home.

But after turning around for hours, they realize they can’t get out of that damn place.

With no means to survive, they will be forced to return to the house they had visited.

However, after the initial fear and confusion, day after day, the routine becomes almost monotonous.

Someone leaves food in a parcel in front of their door, even if the place always seems completely deserted.

In addition to their absurd condition, they find a newborn with instructions to guard and breed him.

The child will grow up abnormally quickly becoming an extremely strange and irritating boy.

At that point the two will start to go crazy, tired and exhausted by their situation without a way out.

When the dream house becomes a nightmare

Vivarium is an oniric trap transforming everyone’s common dream of having a home into an infinite nightmare.

The slow descent into the hell of the two protagonists is immersed in an unreal world that is a tragic parody of the real one.

In this world, everything seems designed to increase psychological distress and estrangement.

The sky is always perfectly blue and full of identical clouds.

The endless row of houses is all the same, without any difference even of one small detail, doors, shape, or color.

Even the food they mysteriously receive every day is devilishly tasteless, providing only pure nourishment with no joy.

Few actors for a big, little story

Ultimately, it is a movie based on an strangely intriguing plot and ambiance with a small but very talented cast.

Jesse Eisenberg and Imogen Poots get back together again after the funny (and disturbing) The Art of Self-Defense.

The couple perfectly interprets two convincing ordinary people projected into an inextricable and supernatural situation.

When the two understand that the invisible forces holding them there are too powerful, each of them has a different decline.

The man continues to dig (literally) to discover the truth, openly manifesting his hatred for the child entrusted to him.

His daily work becomes almost catatonic, completely abandoning any relationship with the woman.

On the other hand, she struggles with the strong antipathy towards the child and the responsibility she feels to take care of him.

The young grow quickly, manifesting intelligence and an absent ingenuity at the same time.

Above all, however, his deep evil voluntarily makes life for the couple very difficult.

Lorcan Finnegan writes and directs a story never explained, in reality, but always left to the spectator’s interpretation.

Did the two protagonists end up in hell? Or did they end up in another dimension? Were they abducted by aliens?

Each of these questions may have a positive answer, as the numerous clues scattered along the way hint without confirming.

Vivarium is a puzzle whose resolution is up to the viewer, remembering the fascinating movies of David Lynch in its mystery.

I leave you with the expectation of finding (and trying) something new and fascinating, hoping it will win you over and make you think about it.

An oniric trap with a slow descent into the hell transforming everyone's common dream of having a home into an infinite nightmare. #MOVIES

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