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Woman with Tully written in the face

Tully begins with a mother suffering stress and inadequate sleep due to her duty to look after her children.

When she gives birth to a third daughter, her job and relationship with her children worsen fast.

Exhausted by the increasing obligations, she ultimately decides to hire a nanny for help.

She would be an exceptional girl named Tully with whom immediately set a deep sympathy.

In fact, the youthful lady’s attitude evokes her best years when she lives more brightly and cheerfully.

The woman then estimates her actual life, questioning if she can ever be so happy again.

But the relationship with her is not as healthy as it seemed at first, and her husband is very concerned about her quick change.

Excluded from a situation he cannot understand, he will not succeed in talking rationally with his wife about the problem.

Tully – Official Trailer

Charlize Theron is a protagonist who plays wonderfully a mother in an existential crisis in an intense actress test.

Her physical transformation is incredible, giving up her sex model appeal and becoming a tired, grumpy e fat woman.

Despite the joy of having a child, many women will understand his situation during their umpteenth pregnancy and empathize with her character.

Her performance is also a different woman from her usual roles.

In recent years, in fact, the actress has played roles of beautiful in comedies brilliant or even strong action.

In this case, as a mother common to the strenuous forces, she has the opportunity to recite in a more adult and intense way.

Besides her, Ron Livingston is equally good as a husband unable to understand his wife’s problems fully.

Absolutely charming the young Mackenzie Davis in Tully‘s role, as naive and innocent as a free and happy soul.

Jason Reitman directs with great delicacy and naturalness this domestic/family movie, truly one of the best comedy/drama of recent years.


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