Female horror movies

Psychological Female Horror Movies

They are not only poor female victims running away in the horror movies, crying and screaming in front of the usual serial killers.

But they can be pure horror themselves.

The vengeance of a betrayed woman can be as hot as a volcano.

The pain of a lost mother or daughter can shake the foundations of the earth.

When madness takes them far, God has mercy on those they meet in their way.

But how far can we go in female psychology in a story?

Three Psychological horror Movies all in the female guise to figure it out.

1- The blackcoat’s daughter (2015)

A psychological female horror movie with supernatural nuances, more hinted at than openly stated. #MOVIES

The blackcoat’s daughter starts with an elite girls’ school close during the winter holidays.

Only two students remain for different reasons, along with two strange older staff women.

Owing to isolation and loneliness, one of the two girls seems to be completely alienated from reality.

The other, instead, is struggling with an unwanted pregnancy that she has to discuss with her boyfriend.

Simultaneously, we follow the story of a young girl who just arrived at the railway station not far from the school.

A man offers to accompany her by car, giving her shelter from the cold and riding to the elite’s school.

In his lady’s company, they want to help her as she looks like their young daughter brutally murdered many years before.

Both stories will parallel pursuit their raising of madness to intertwine in the disturbing and terrifying ending.

The Devil like young girls

The blackcoat’s daughter is a psychological female horror movie with supernatural nuances, more hinted at than openly stated.

The uncertainty of what we’re looking at works like a clock, accordingly building the tension of two seemingly disconnected and distant stories.

Fear and anxiety are always present, marked in the young protagonists’ ambiguous pretty faces and ambivalent attitude.

Outside the school, the world seems almost non-existent, completely covered by white and innocent snow.

Finally, the demonic element that unleashes the madness is a simple fuzzy, off-screen shadow.

An entity that could only be the result of the psychosis of the girl, linked to a local legend about a dramatic episode in the school.

Among the girls, there is the suspicion that, several years earlier, the two strange women of the staff started a fire during a satanic ritual in the basement.

Innocent and psychopaths glimpses

The female cast is with young and intense actresses, complementing each other perfectly in this story’s small world.

Kiernan Shipka is the most serious and uninhibited student.

Forced by her personal circumstances to skip holidays at home with her parents, she’s becoming a young woman.

Indeed, the girl is sure about pregnancy after her missing period and every day constant nausea and malaise.

Unsure about what to do, she remains in order to talk to her useless and disappointing boyfriend.

Lucy Boynton is, in contrast, the youngest and enigmatic girl.

Despite her angelic innocent appearance, she often changes from an almost catatonic state of absence to an unexpected intimidating ferocity.

In addition, the girl immediately develops an obsessive curiosity for legends about demonic rites that, rumors, happened in the past.

Finally, Emma Roberts and the beautiful and mysterious stranger just arrived in town.

Alone and lost, she initially seems disconnected from the rest, as if it were a separate movie.

But little clues and flashes immediately hint at his connection to the school and the girls.

When his story joins the rest, the circle will close perfectly with a final desolating and horrific.

Oz Perkins writes and directs one of the best female horror movies in decades.

His screenplay and direction have the slow and frightening cadence of an unknown monster advancing in the dark.

Breaking the story into two parts, however, both have a better rhythm by emphasizing each other.

Its greatest strength is in being, almost independently, a psychological story or a demonic fantasy.

In both ways, dialogues, characters, and events make sense, including the final mystification or revelatory, depending on the interpretation.

2- Thelma (2017)

An almost perfect fantasy horror movie on a lonely female teenager, unable to handle a power greater than her understanding. #MOVIES

Thelma is a young student who lives away from her family for the first time.

She is shy and struggling to make new friends, suffering from loneliness and homesickness.

In addition, she suffers from some seizures similar to epilepsy.

These episodes are becoming more frequent together with some unexplained supernatural manifestations, which frightens her very much.

Until, finally, becomes close to another girl who helps and introduces to her friends.

As they start dating, she realizes that her feelings are deeper and more romantic than she wants to admit.

Indeed, the girl was raised with firm religious values and believes that loving a girl is a sin she must repent.

Her guilty complex and unknown power seem to grow together, to the extreme dramatic consequences.

Then the only way out will be to go home to her parents and finally find out the truth about her practically unlimited divine power.

When someone asks if you are a god, you say yes!

Thelma is an almost perfect fantasy horror movie on a lonely female teenager, unable to handle a power greater than her understanding.

Following the most intimate and embarrassing moments as any teenager, along with the little joys and her first love, the story suddenly becomes something else.

Each scene’s constant fear and tension are always tangible, along with the inexplicable invisible threat that seems to follow her everywhere.

The story moves gently around the protagonist and her problems as a young girl who has yet to discover the world.

Her normal curiosity about sex and her first lesbian relationship with her friend becomes deadly when associated with the religious doctrine that represses such urges.

Fighting against what she feels wrong as a sin towards God, an uncontrollable force unleash from his subconscious.

Divine pathos and style

Eili Harboe plays the leading role with much conviction and naturalness.

Her confusion therefore creates terrible consequences on the world and the people with whom she lives.

She has no control over a power terrifying her as much as anyone around.

Indeed, initially, she did not even know having such power.

But after she met the classmate played by a beautiful Kaya Wilkins, things are getting worse real fast.

Therefore, fearing to be seriously ill or, even worse, simply crazy, she undergoes all kinds of medical examinations.

But the doctors can’t give her any answers, she’ll have to go back and visit the old grandmother.

She now lives catatonic in a nursing home, but the woman has the same experience in her youth.

Joachim Trier directs an excellent female horror movie with great pathos and style.

What we think to know is denied scene after scene, and there are neither good nor bad, leaving judgment to the beholder’s morals.

Thelma sadly did not reach a large international distribution, obtaining no commercial success or recognition from the public.

Today you have the opportunity to recover a little jewel, already forgotten, even if it is only from 2017.

3- What Keeps You Alive (2018)

An excellent survival horror movie between two female partners in a relationship built on lies. #MOVIES

What Keeps You Alive is the story of two girls celebrating the first year of their happy marriage.

For the occasion, they go to a beautiful house in the middle of the mountains.

It is the first time they visit the house where one of them grew up,where they have never been before.

The beginning is an idyll of love in the uncontaminated peace of nature and tranquility.

But when they meet an old childhood friend of the woman, the situation becomes strangely disturbing.

The friend seems to mention some dramatic episodes of her past of which she finds guilty.

Quickly e violently, the love gives way to the terrible truth behind their marriage.

Finally, the dream vacation will become a war and hunt for survival where there will be only one winner.

In the forest nobody can hear you scream

What Keeps You Alive is an excellent survival horror movie between two female partners in a relationship built on lies.

Their world immediately collapses, revealing the ocean of secrets below.

It combines great sequences of action and tension, cleverly combined with psychological thriller and horror.

The forest’s beauty is the perfect background for endless hunting and the slaughter game that begins when the masks fall.

It is an immense nature so beautiful as indifferent to their human sufferings that do not judge and condemn the various characters’ good or evil.

Few actresses but many emotions

Hannah Emily Anderson is the sweet, loving wife, at least apparently.

Indeed, once the cards uncover, she reveals her sociopathic indifference quickly and chillingly.

The woman is a skilled and ruthless hunter who knows perfectly the great forest surrounding her house.

Over the years, her madness has become a ritual, indulging in hunting and killing women she pretended to be in love with.

Brittany Allen is the intended victim of the macabre sociopathic game.

She may have been a doctor, but she never completed her studies.

Faithful and confident of her new partner, she follows her in the mountains without hesitation.

In addition to his wounds’ physical pain, she will also suffer the betrayal of what he believed to be the love of his life.

The quest for revenge will thus have a double value, trying to repay the humiliation of deception.

Colin Minihan confirms that she is a new director with good ideas and talent to stage her stories.

Her work follows a few years earlier It Stains the Sands Red, an original zombie story set in the desert.

What Keeps You Alive is another outstanding movie with female protagonists and a great horror atmosphere.

It is another little jewel, known to few among the web, strictly directed to all of you who have ears to accept advice.

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