Tank Girl

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Tank Girl

Tank Girl is set in the faraway future when the catastrophic crash of a comet reduced Earth to an immense desert.

A tragedy that devastated our planet’s ecosystem, therefore leaving few survivors hopelessly wander in search of water.

A tyrannical organization called Water & Power, headed by an evil and ruthless businessman, owns most of the drinkable water.

In this world, Tank Girl is a sexy and cool warrior.

She always jokes about everything, fighting in order to be fiercely free and independent.

Owing to that attitude, all the men at D&P hate her and try to imprison her.

Indeed, she attacks their headquarter and steals an armed tank.

In addition, she saves a mechanic’s life capable of repairing it, later becoming her trusty Jet Girl.

The tank looks like Andy Warhol’s nightmare with all kinds of junks and colorful as a street gang’s murals.

Inspired by a little-known comic strip, this movie is a crazy adventure into the wastelands of abandoned humankind.

His greatest merit is to make colorful and fun a dying world of humanity’s enslaved.

Lori Petty and Naomi Watts work great together, as funny and sexy action buddy.

The first is a free girl without any inhibitions and the second a more shy and introverted technician.

The male cast is also excellent. Among all, Malcolm McDowell always lucid and elegant in his madness.

Furthermore, Iggy Pop does a funny cameo in Rat Face, manager of a brothel where the villain imprisons the girls.

To summarize, it is an excellent movie directed by Rachel Talalay.

The author of this kind of Thelma & Louise makes a funny and irrepressible post feminist style.

Indeed, its greatest achievement is never to be serious about the apocalyptic genre.

It was very easy, among the ruins of a destroyed world, to slip into social drama and despair.

The beauty and sympathy of the protagonists, instead, always leaves breath to the viewer to enjoy the show.

Tank Girl

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