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Desperado is the story of a lone gunfighter who returned after years in his old city of seeking revenge.

He was once a mariachi, a wandering guitarist who lived on pennies singing and playing from town to town.

After losing the woman and one hand to a fit of crime boss jealousy, he cannot longer play guitar nor love.

In his guitar case, now, he only has room for weapons.

Weapons with which he has become an artist of death and wants to strike a sacred terror to his enemies by feeding his legend.

Along the way, however, he will meet a girl who will give him another chance to love again.

But his revenge has caught the attention of criminals and now he will have to fight to the end.

The song of Mexican revenge

Desperado is an exhilarating mix of comedy and action in addition to some romance and classic westerns.

Starring the usual man who has lost everything and is tormented by a past he cannot forget, the story mixes with great craft situations and characters already seen.

The action scenes are exciting and always have a great dose of irony combined with a spectacular ‘kinetic worthy of the best oriental action.

Indeed, we can easily recognize endless quotes from John Woo or Tsui Hark in the numerous shootings and fights.

Finally, there is also much of Sergio Leone‘s Italian Western in the close-ups and the framing cuts on the characters’ eyes and the objects’ details in the various scenes.

Once upon a time, there were two actors

Antonio Banderas plays here the first big role of his career.

The charming Spanish actor enjoys exaggerated action choreography, moving around elegant as a dancer while tearing apart his enemies.

At the same time, he also shows a tenebrous dramatic side with the woman and a small local child she would like to help.

The woman is Salma Hayek, the owner of a library in ruins because of strong local ignorance.

The actress’s sunny beauty brings a little joy and light into a story full of violent and bad men.

In addition, she helps the gunfighter in his mission, healing his wounds and sheltering when the bad guys come after him.

The gorgeous actress, yet still very young and unknown, will quickly become a shining international movie star like Banderas.

Under the shadow of Tarantino

This movie is a sequel to El Mariachi, already directed by Robert Rodriguez, his first undisputed masterpiece.

Quentin Tarantino admired it for his enormous technical work with a very poor budget.

So he helps him find a producer and launch his international career.

Desperado was the birth of a friendship/collaboration carrying on since today.

Thanks to the international success of this movie,, they further have joined many times.

For example, Tarantino has a small cameo in this movie, and Rodriguez will arrange some songs for his Kill Bill.

Despite having two very different styles and interests, they share the same idea of cinema.

They want to stay away from the intellectual elite, making any kind of movie genre.

The two will make horror, thriller, western, and comedies for everyone in their original and intriguing way.

Two artists that we are all happy with have found themselves and have had the opportunity to carry on their cinema idea.

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