Knight Moves

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A serial thriller movie where the protagonist and the killer are obsessed with chess like a life's way and a extreme survival fight. #MOVIES

Knight Moves is the story of a chess player on the eve of a major tournament with professionals coming worldwide.

When the police found a murdered woman he was having an affair with, he immediately becomes the prime suspect.

Indeed, the murder suggests a specific ritual, and she is the last of a series of women dead in recent days.

But the cops have to change their minds when the killer directly contacts him and wants to play a game with human lives instead of chessboard pieces.

They can’t know it yet, but the vicious murderer is angry with him from his youth after he lost a game during a children’s prodigy tournament.

His father abandons him and later found the suicidal mother in her bed, catatonically watching her bleed to death.

Deeply marked by the experience, the man transforms it into a sinister ritual where he transforms his victims into his mother before killing them.

After so many years, now he’s back to win that game it ruined his life and this time his opponent will have to play by his own rules.

Knight Moves is a serial thriller movie where both the protagonist and the killer are obsessed with chess, making it from a life’s way to a fight for survival.

We all knew the killer from the emotional black and white beginning. The investigation still, remains intriguing and the suspicion always hovers without certainty among the various characters.

Christopher Lambert is the charming and astute main character. Being an unbeaten famous player, he’s hated and envied by his colleagues for his skill and his unpredictable moves.

Living only with an affectionate little daughter and an old player helps him prepare his games’ strategy, the other people come and go in his life, from lovers to rival players.

He thus lives as he plays on a chessboard, protecting his important pieces and ruthlessly insensitive to all the rest.

Diane Lane is the charming psychologist approaching him because of the murders. Initially seeing her as an obstacle and an opponent, he becomes uncertain about his life’s rules later.

Unfortunately for her, this feeling will put her on the list of potential victims for the psychopath massacre.

Finally, Tom Skerritt and Daniel Baldwin are the two police officers who investigate the murders.

They are an old wise officer and a youngest impulsive one, immediately disliking the protagonist for his arrogant attitude.

Initially brought by the evidence up to him will still remain skeptical of his innocence suspecting him to the end.

Carl Schenkel focuses this thriller on the Lane/ Lambert couple’s charm, revealing the assassin’s plot from the start.

Therefore, we know the details the various protagonists must discover, and this ignorance is useful to build a good tension.

Knight Moves probably won’t stay in the cinema’s story as the best serial killer movie ever.

However, it’s a thriller with a good atmosphere and characters that work by intriguing until the end.

The chess atmosphere turns it into a game that, despite its player, we already know the rules.

It is another 90s genuine movie with charming actors, and personally, I always recommend it to irreducible suspense lovers.

A serial thriller movie where the protagonist and the killer are obsessed with chess like a life's way and a extreme survival fight. #MOVIES

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