Come and Find Me 2016 movie

Come and Find Me

Come and Find Me is the story of an ordinary boy, desperate after the disappearance of his girlfriend a year earlier.

He cannot have peace without knowing what happened to her. More of everything, he wants to know if she has voluntarily gone away abandoning him.

But one day, he finds a hidden roll of film in the home’s backyard. After developing the photos, he decides to follow the various clues to find out something.

It will be only the beginning of a no return journey. Indeed, delving into the secrets of his life’s love astonished discovers that the girl was an undercover secret agent.

By wandering around and asking too many questions, he ends up attracting unwanted attention. Some of her former corrupted colleagues and even a gang of dangerous criminals then begin to hunt him down.

Come and Find Me is a love story and action-espionage with an ordinary man hero.

He’s not trained to fight or use weapons, but with intelligence and cunning, he still manages to discover the truth.

The movie alternates his personal odyssey investigation with romantic flashbacks with the relationship’s birth and development with the mysterious girl.

Aaron Paul plays one of the best roles of his career so far. He is an ordinary boy facing something immensely bigger than him. 

However, he never gives up, even if alone and scared, driven by the need to see his beloved again. At the same time, in his search, he will arrive very far to places where the girl has lived under other names.

But in the end, as in a perfect circle, everything will bring him back home. It will be one of the most romantic and original endings ever for a movie of this kind.

Annabelle Wallis is the mysterious blonde with a double life in Hitchcock style. She is a free, strong and determined girl, never talking about her past.

His love story with the protagonist is simple and natural, with little moments extraordinarily realistic and intriguing.

Their love is a series of little romantic interludes where she takes a break from her work of deception and secrets.

Zack Whedon writes and directs an extraordinary story told smoothly through an ordinary person’s eyes with whom we all immediately feel empathy.

All the various characters are credible and the plot stays far from unrealistic and exaggerated solutions.

Moreover, even if they never meet except in flashbacks, the two lovers are among the best-matched couples compared to many other more bland and boring romantic movies.

Worldwide distribution has almost totally ignored Come and Find Me, bringing it to very few cinemas and abandoning it to the streaming and home video market.

Despite his commercial flop, he leaves me high good feelings of peace and high entertainment as an atypical investigative movie.

Ultimately, I recommend it to everyone as a simple and humble movie that can satisfy any cinematic taste.

Come and Find Me is a love story and action-espionage with an ordinary man hero investigating his girlfriend disappearance.  #MOVIES


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