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A prophetic dystopian Sci-Fi and a world where corporations and money are God, deciding the ordinary people's life and death. #MOVIES

Elysium takes place in a distant (but not so much) future. The earth has become a massive open-air dump, hopelessly overpopulated and polluted.

Poverty and crime are rampant and people who want to live honestly have to accept terrible working conditions.

One of them, a worker with a history of theft, is the victim of an industrial accident. Exposed to deadly radiation, he discovers to have only a few days left to live.

The man has nothing more to lose and decides to enhance himself with an exoskeleton installed directly in his body.

Together with a band of rebels, they will try to enter the only place to cure his disease: Elysium.

It is an orbital station reserved for the elite of the wealthiest and most powerful in society. But, inside of it, some of the high members plot a coup d’etat.

The revolutionaries will inevitably clash with a ruthless handful of mercenaries hired by the conspirators who want to control Elysium.

Neill Blomkamp directs a terribly realistic and prophetic dystopian Sci-Fi, a world where corporations and money are God.

They decide the ordinary people’s life and death with a pen’s stroke on a contract, living in luxury without any kind of disease.

His world seems the exact destination of our present journey.

Matt Damon perfectly plays the role of the common man who just wants to work and live peacefully.

The actor begins as a humble hardworking character, becoming the leader of a desperate people revolution without choice.

With him also join a young mother played by Alice Braga with her daughter suffering from a terminal illness.

It is a condition incurable on earth’s hospitals but easily treatable in a few minutes with the elite’s medical technologies.

However, within the elite, the greedy Jodie Foster and her corporate accomplice William Fichtner lead an internal war.

Both plan to become absolute masters by hacking the orbital station’s computers and then take command of its war droids.

In order to do so, they hire some tech-augmented mercenaries led by the shadowy Sharlto Copley.

The soldier becomes the number one enemy of the revolutionaries when they try to kidnap the corporate man.

Neill Blomkamp‘s directing work is phenomenal. As usual, he shows great talent in designing robots, weapons and various technologies of his world with a futuristic and ordinary industrial look.

In addition, its action scenes are highly spectacular and entertaining, combining a purely classic style of directing with modern special effects and a fast, direct editing pace.

All the characters play a role in the story and none are useless or inserted as pure filler.

Indeed each of them represents a perfect metaphor for our actual society, from the workers who become revolutionaries to the company leaders who become ferocious dictators.

Elysium is the perfect future mirror of today’s world, a human ecosystem where the social disparity is openly declared.

It is an unfair disparity with a small minority living like Gods while the others suffer from hunger crawling through a fallen planet’s ruins.

Incredibly, although the movie has grossed remarkably well worldwide, it remains one of the director’s latest works from 2013 until now.

So I hope that all of you, who may not have seen it, give him a chance and clamor for Blomkamp to find a producer that will entrust and giving him the direction of a new movie.

A prophetic dystopian Sci-Fi and a world where corporations and money are God, deciding the ordinary people's life and death. #MOVIES

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