Edge of Tomorrow

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Reinterpretation of the Groundhog Day with Bill Murray, this time as a war story with an alien invasion background. #MOVIES

Edge of Tomorrow begins with a war against an alien invasion. After years of stalemate with no winners, the human army seems increasingly exhausted and discouraged.

A young officer, accused of treason, must enlist as punishment. Just on the eve of an important battle joining the most international forces, he will stand in the front lines.

Having never fought in his life, the man ends up immediately killed. But before dying, an alien different from the others covering him with his blood.

Inexplicably, he suddenly wakes up alive, going back in time to the morning just before the big attack.

When the incident occurs multiple times, he uses his events’ knowledge to find and talk to a famous female soldier.

Indeed, she went through the same problem, continuing to die and reliving the same day from the beginning each time.

Before the most crucial battle for the whole human species, the two soldiers try a desperate plan. They will try to exploit the time loop to end the war, definitively chasing the space invaders from our planet.

Edge of Tomorrow is an action sci-fi reinterpretation of the famous Groundhog Day with Bill Murray. Instead of a comedy, this time, it is a war story with an alien invasion background.

The relationships between the various characters develop in an entertaining way and the choreography of the big battle are fascinating mechanical exoskeletons to empower human soldiers.

Tom Cruise plays a character initially despicable, weak and cowardly indifferent to human destiny.

But when he has no choice left and has to go into battle, he will soon learn what is going on in the world and finally try to do his part.

Instead, Emily Blunt plays a highly experienced warrior, mythologized as an idol by the troops. 

Initially, the woman had the same power and believed she could finally find the master alien mind and destroy it. After losing her time loop, she has no more hope of winning against the aliens.

The young soldier’s arrival gives her confidence again and she will take his sides fighting the epic final battle without hesitation.

Doug Liman manages to keep this somewhat intricate plot together, wisely choosing the most comfortable way of action and the buddy movie between male and female soldiers.

Edge of Tomorrow garnered huge box office revenue of nearly $ 400 million worldwide and was one of the biggest commercial successes of 2014.

In my opinion, it is a deserved victory for a movie re-proposing a plot yet already seen, but in an original way that makes it fresh and attractive again.

To summarize, it is excellent entertainment for everyone and absolutely a must-watch for lovers of the alien invasion genre.

Reinterpretation of the Groundhog Day with Bill Murray, this time as a war story with an alien invasion background. #MOVIES

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