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A cheerful group of friends, working as security consultants for fraud and theft, are involved into a international spy story. #MOVIES

Sneakers is the story of a group of friends working together as security consultants for fraud detection and theft insurance.

But their leader hides a secret past that comes back to haunt him. Indeed, two spies in disguise of clients blackmail him into doing a job.

His friends don’t hold back and help him follow a scientist and steal his precious secret research.

But in the middle of the plot, suddenly, the situation worsens. The whole group then becomes the target of the secret services and a mysterious and anonymous criminal gang.

The friends will have to rely only on their skills to get out of trouble. Without help from the authorities, they have acting stealth to recover the mysterious stolen technology.

Sneakers is a 90’s comedy espionage of fabulous entertainment, making its great cast its greatest strength.

A well-amalgamated and cheerful group of outsiders inserted into an already seen spy story. Still working well with entertaining, hilarious dialogues and fast and effective narrative rhythm.

Robert Redford is the main protagonist and leader of the team. The actor engages in a fun parody of his role as a spy in the famous Three Days of the Condor.

Always charming and funny, he can count not only on his friends. Indeed, he has a romance with the sexy and smart Mary McDonnell, the only one who knows his true identity.

At his side is the former agent played by Sidney Poitier, iconic actor since the 60s.

He plays a former man of law with rigorous behavior, kicked out by the secret services for unknown reasons.

To complete the group of friends are the hilarious Dan Aykroyd, David Strathairn, and the young River Phoenix. In various roles of assistants and technicians, everyone bringing their piece of genius to the group of infallible thieves.

With a past of small crimes, they would be society scums, but working together they form their own family.

Finally, as the villain of the whole mysterious story, there is the superb Ben Kingsley.

Always elegant and flawless, the actor plays a role that is practically the dark side of that of the cheerful boys, who became a criminal by choice during his time in prison.

Phil Alden Robinson writes and directs this story with a great cast thanks to his success, a few years earlier, of the famous Field of Dreams with Kevin Costner.

A movie that has achieved great success at the box office and a sequel had been rumored over the last few decades, unfortunately never made.

Sneakers is a light comedy of the 90s for a non-binding thriller to spend a pleasant evening with many movie stars all gathered like old and trusted friends.

A cheerful group of friends, working as security consultants for fraud and theft, are involved into a international spy story. #MOVIES

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