A bloody drink inspired by "Deep Red - Profondo Rosso" by Pietro Testa, barman/director at "Al Tagliando gin e tequila bar" in Milano. #DRINK

Deep Red

Dario Argento‘s cult movie Deep Red is now a bloody wonderful “drink!

From Milano, with Italian Red Vermouth and American Gin!

(inspired by movie ‘Deep Red – Profondo Rosso‘, directed by Dario Argento, 1975)

A bloody drink inspired by "Deep Red - Profondo Rosso" by Pietro Testa, barman/director at "Al Tagliando gin e tequila bar" in Milano.  #DRINK
Pietro Testa, director and barman at Al Tagliando gin e tequila barin Milano, Italy


4,5 cl Aviation Gin
2 cl OSCAR.697 Vermouth Rosso
0,5 cl Bitter Del Professore
1,5 cl fresh lemon juice
Thyme extract homemade1 strawberry, 2 blackberries, and 3 raspberries

Glass: short Tumbler
Garnish: berries and a sprig of thyme

In a shaker, mash the berries, then pour the fresh lemon juice, 2 sprays of thyme extract, and mix all together with a bar spoon.

Pour Aviation Gin, then OSCAR.697 Vermouth Rosso and the Bitter Del Professore, add ice and shake for 5 to 7 seconds.

Finally, filter the lot with the Double Strain technique and pour in a short Tumbler glass. Garnish with berries, a sprig of thyme, and a spray of thyme extract. 

Serve with a bloody knife!


bloody drink inspired by Deep Red – Profondo RossoDario Argento‘s, cult movie by the time released 45 years ago. Still shocking, more and more in the case of big classic movies, especially and not only for the horror genre.

Made by Italian Pietro Testa, director and barman at Al Tagliando gin e tequila bar in Milano. 

Deep Red is a drink that reminds the chromatic obsession with the red color significantly ever-present in the movie. In every detail, scene, movement, it is horrifying and visceral for the audience.

With this in mind, the first inspiration approach transfers in the drink the intense red, given by OSCAR.697 Rosso.

The contemporary vermouth produced ‘with love’ by vermuttista Stefano Di Dio in Italy – and here distributed by Rinaldi1957 – in addition has flavors of rhubarb and licorice.

In many scenography objects live the predominantly red from the paintings to Marc‘s (starred by David Hemmings) pack of cigarettes, the shoes he never changes, the voodoo doll made with red wool pierced by colored pins and the extra’s accessories.

Not only the color red is visible in the movie, but also green and yellow, like the noose rope transposed in the drink with thyme and lemon juice.

Another important element is water, used by the serial killer to kill the second victim in the bathtub. Its non-color, transparent like gin, in this drink transposed with Aviation American Gin, owned by actor Ryan Reynolds.

The first impact of the Deep Red cocktail is its thyme perfume. Perfectly connecting to all flavors, it is slowly more and more perceivable.

All sensations are well explained at the beginning of the movie, when German psychic medium Helga Ulmann (starred by Macha Méril) describes the killer, feeling its twisted brain and the devastating thoughts like strong, cruel and, at the same time, sweet and childish.

The result is a balanced and full-bodied cocktail, to taste listening to the Goblin’s music, for a mix of tastes of a non-expected experience, like the movie, that causes doubt, surprise, and pleasure at the same time!

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