In Darkness 2018 movie

In Darkness

In Darkness starts with a blind pianist, completely self-sufficient living alone, who hears suspicious noises from the apartment above hers.

The following day, the police inform her that her neighbor friend has been killed. Realizing that she is the only possible witness to have any clues about the murder, the woman investigates the victim’s family.

Approaching the girl’s father, a powerful man from Eastern Europe with a shady past, she starts to believe that he could be the instigator of the murder, if not the killer himself.

In the meantime, she starts intensely to frequent a mysterious man, who says he was a victim’s friend. The man seems to be the only one who believes her suspicions and therefore offers to help her.

But her questions soon attract unwanted secret intelligence on both fronts, putting her at the center of a potential political scandal.

A thriller built on an intriguing character, a seemingly weak and defenseless blind woman. But as is the tradition for international intrigues, the woman is not the innocent angel she seems at first.

Natalie Dormer is beautiful and believable in her lead role. A woman who lives with her handicap without complaining, facing her difficulties every day without anyone’s help.

In the tangle of events surrounding the murder, she finds a reason to fight and find revenge for her family.

Ed Skrein is a handsome and dark enigmatic man, mysteriously aiding her when she is most in need. A soldier who fights his war without mercy for anyone, seeing in the pianist an unexpected possibility of love.

Anthony Byrne writes and directs this wonderful mystery thriller with an excellent involvement towards its protagonists. A story with no good or bad, but only gray souls protecting their little world of lies and compromises.

In Darkness is an almost unnoticed and quickly forgotten movie of 2018. Indeed a must-see for lovers of psychologically complex and morally ambiguous characters.

A wonderful mystery thriller built on an intriguing character, a seemingly weak and defenseless blind woman, only witness of a murder. #MOVIES
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