The Wind Rises

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The Wind Rises is a beautiful pacifist story full of dreams and love, despite his weapons and his military background.

The protagonist of The Wind Rises is a man who grew up with a passion for airplanes.

Japan is at war when it finally reaches the position of principal engineer in constructing a prototype.

It will be a project full of problems and difficulties with few money, means, and materials to work with.

Then he will try to receive help from a German aviation’s colleague, both fighting with their bureaucracies‘ slowness and governments.

At the same time, he falls madly in love with a girl suffering from a serious and rare disease.

They try to deal with an illness by living in a place in the middle of nature, far from the city’s confusion.

Although facing the pain and the awareness of losing his love, the man still finally creates one of the famous warplanes in Japanese aviation history.

The Wind Rises is a great pacifist story full of dreams and love, despite its weapons and military background.

A story set in times of war and yet full of colors and joy, simple people with big projects who have to overcome great difficulties to make them happen.

Hayao Miyazaki writes and directs this movie, released in theaters in 2013 and his latest animation masterpiece.

The great Japanese author, as usual, narrates his favorites themes. In his usual dreamy and poetic style, he confirmed his passion for airplanes already shown in Porco Rosso.

But unlike his masterpiece set in Italy, this time, the theme of war is more present and pressing on the lives of the protagonists.

The characters’ growth and their change, pain, and losses without giving up on dreaming big for their projects.

Based on a 20s Japanese inventor’s life, unhappy to create killing machines, although proud of his work’s genius.

A truly unmissable movie for which, we too, can dream that it wasn’t really superb Miyazaki’s last work.

A story war airplanes and yet full of colors and joy with simple people and their big projects difficulties to make them happen. #MOVIES

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