3 Vampire Comedy Movies

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They are very bad and always looking for blood to drink. But can make you laugh? 3 Vampire Comedy Movies you may have missed #MOVIES

They are very bad, immortal and always looking for fresh blood to drink. But can they also make you laugh?

3 Vampire Comedy Movies you may have missed over the years.

1- Innocent Blood (1992)

Funny horror comedy with a young attractive vampire who only feeds on the blood of evil men. #MOVIES

She’s a young, attractive, and shines vampire who only feeds on the blood of evil men.

Alone for a long time, she lives her nights searching for a soul mate and dangerous criminals to bites.

Until one day, she falls in love with an undercover cop.

But the same night, she accidentally turns a gangster boss into an unstoppable vampire.

Pursued by a gang of vampire criminals, the young woman will have nowhere to hide.

A film that combines brilliantly irony, horror, love, and criminals, all revolving in different ways around the beautiful protagonist.

Talented and beautiful Anne Parillaud as the protagonist, an actress unfortunately forgotten since La Femme Nikita.

Anthony LaPaglia is also perfect as a cop/lover of women.

Hated by criminals, he will be the only one fighting in her defense.

Robert Loggia fantastic and hilarious in the vampire boss’s role.

Almost heedless of his transformation if not in becoming an even more ruthless and unstoppable criminal.

Great horror comedy directed by John Landis, the genial mind behind Animal House and The Blues Brothers.

2- Vampire In Brooklyn (1995)

Funny horror comedy with a fancy vampire is determined to conquer his future bride at any cost. #MOVIES

An elderly and powerful vampire lands in New York in search of his mate.

As the last of his dynasty, the man is determined to conquer his future bride at any cost.

The woman is a policewoman unaware of her own nature, initially intrigued by the mysterious suitor’s attention.

Aided by a little local thug, enslaved like a zombie. The vampire will have to face another man in love with the woman.

Fun and light horror-tinged romance/comedy, full of hilarious and over the top characters, make the story a euphoric ride.

Eddie Murphy is a protagonist of great charisma and humor in the unusual role of a villain.

Good and beautiful Angela Bassett as an unwitting vampire.

Confused in her changing, but resolute not to be the number two princess for any man.

Allen Payne is a brave human lover role.

Unable to understand the nature of the woman’s problems, but still determined to help her.

Amazing and hilarious, Kadeem Hardison, exhausted and overworked by the vampire requests, but finally not as stupid as he seems.

A movie unfairly snubbed and criticized, directed by the great Wes Craven, the Nightmare horror saga’s historical creator.

3- What We Do in the Shadows (2014)

An intriguing horror comedy on vampires' life, tormented by the same little common predicaments as humans. #MOVIES

Four vampire roommates living in New Zealand, addressing the small daily household issues and blood needs required by their species.

After one of their surprise encounters with their victims, they find themselves with one more guest in the house.

The new vampire doesn’t behave and is educated by his new companions, together with a more likable human friend.

Spending evenings in clubs and battling a rival gang of men/werewolves, they prepare for a fancy meeting event for vampires.

An intriguing new look on vampires’ life, tormented by the same little common predicaments as humans.

4 friends who, despite their differences, share the same vision of life.

Friendship, being accepted despite one’s flaws and stupidity, and a great desire to live together above all.

Despite their many long-life experiences, not always joyful and pleasant, searching for peace through fun.

Exceptional all the group that has a great comic understanding.

Above all, the silent and secular vampire played by Ben Fransham, funny only with his strange killer look.

Jemaine Clement is equally irresistible as the sadistic and vicious torturer, yet sad afflicted by a great love lost.

Also funny is Jonathan Brugh, an indolent former Nazi vampire bored about wash dishes and cleaning housework.

Finally, the great Taika Waititi in the picky and endless chatting vampire’s role, also with unended love affairs to solve.

A story was written and directed by the already mentioned Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi.

Then transformed into a homonymous TV series even more successful than the movie.

Talking about the union, friendship, and tolerance like few others and a perfect conclusion for these 3 Vampire Comedy Movies.

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