Une liaison pornographique

by fabioemme
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Great uplifting romantic movie acclaimed and award-winning, about love language in two common people in an anonymous sex relation. #MOVIES

Finding each other on a blind dating ad in a risqué newspaper, two strangers discover that they share a particular sexual fantasy and want to meet to live it in a relationship.

It quickly becomes clear to both of them that they have found perhaps even more than what they were looking for in a casual relationship.

A soul mate, a companion, and a companion to talk to about anything without shame, lies, or embarrassing silences.

A stranger lover with whom one can talk about their little hidden shame only to discover that, in the end, it is nothing terrible. And then, making uninhibited sex without guilt complexes even laughing about it.

Despite the deliberately provocative title, Une liaison pornographique, there is very little pornography in this movie. In fact, what they both seek in this relation schema is intimacy and understanding.

The alchemy and love language between the two protagonists, Nathalie Baye and Sergi López, were powerful from the first moment.

Two embarrassed lovers but also determined to take to the end that sexual experience that both have finally decided to satisfy.

A story that takes place in a few environments that immediately become familiar to the viewer.

Starting from the cafe where they meet in the morning, then going up to the hotel room where they flirt.

Finally, the entrance to the subway where they say goodbye and make an appointment for next week.

Frédéric Fonteyne creates a simple direction with poor locations and a few music pieces. An elegance that is emerging delicately in the relationship’s most intense moments.

A director who seems almost to stand aside with the viewer spies on two common people’s relationships. While they seduce and fall in love, almost unconsciously, with each other.

Therefore, a story was destined to end among the street’s anonymous faces. The same street where they meet for their first clandestine meeting.

Une liaison pornographique is a movie acclaimed and award-winning upon its release over 20 years ago. Today perhaps, unfortunately, a little forgotten and to be discovered again.

Great romance movie acclaimed and award-winning, about love language in two common people in an anonymous sex relation. #MOVIES

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