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Roxanne is a lovely romance comedy movie with the shy protagonist hiding his feelings from his beloved. #MOVIES

This romance comedy movie begins when the beautiful Roxanne arrives in town, and the local fire brigade commander falls in love with her at first sight.

He is an intelligent, likable man and loved by all his friends and fellow citizens.

The only problem is that huge nose he was always ashamed of. In addition, the girl found attractive a new young fellow firefighter.

Thus, the man will advise the young to seduce her with the magic of poetry and comedy. Replacing the youngest as an invisible lover, his words break through the heart of the beautiful scientist, managing to make her open into infinite love.

A deception that can only go up to a certain point. Quickly, in fact, it will be obvious to the girl that the words that warm her heart are someone else’s.

Roxanne is a lovely modern reinterpretation of the classic Cyrano de Bergerac, with the ugly but brilliant protagonist who hides his feelings from his beloved out of shame.

Steve Martin is the absolute protagonist, exceptional in the jokes and the funny, neurotic mimicry of his gestures.

A man who feels excluded from the world of love even if he knows romance languages ​​perfectly, as he demonstrates by melting the heart of the beauty with the sweetness of his poetry.

Daryl Hannah is a wonderful modern Roxanne, intelligent and sunny, falling in love with the wrong man with deception.

Arrived in the city as a scientist, the woman waits for the passage of a meteor to confirm her theory and be able to choose the name for the new celestial body.

Finally, Rick Rossovich perfectly plays the comic shoulder’s role to the protagonist in the love triangle’s naive third side.

A charming romantic comedy movie of the 80s directed by Fred Schepisi. Thanks to the passionate interpretation of the actors, it entertains with the right lightness and delicate tones and jokes.

Roxanne is always the right choice for all evenings to be spent cheerful and carefree.

Roxanne is a lovely romance comedy movie with the shy protagonist hiding his feelings from his beloved. #MOVIES

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