A Perfect World

by fabioemme
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A Perfect World is a splendid movie that amazes today as it did 30 years ago with universal friendship themes for all generations.

A Perfect World is the story of two escaped inmates finds refuge in a small suburban house. Threatening the mother, they take her little child hostage and run away.

Initially afraid, the child will then befriend one of the criminals.

Once alone, they try to reach Alaska, dreaming of finally find a perfect world of peace and freedom.

Meanwhile, a tough Texas Ranger gets on their trail with the help of a young criminologist.

The man has to extricate between politics, blind stupidity, and a rude federal also in charge of the case.

A story of friendship and innocence, where the inmate reviews his lost youth through little hostage’s eyes.

The child will discover the world and initiate the small pleasures of life, learning how to be free and happy.

Directed and performed by the great Clint Eastwood, a splendid poem on the road for a perfect world of characters and locations.

In one of his long career’s best roles, Kevin Costner is silent and introverted and feeling emotions only for the child.

Laura Dern is also great as the clumsy and confused criminologist, then fundamental to catch the man on the run.

A Perfect World is a splendid movie that amazes today as it did 30 years ago, narrating universal themes of love and friendship for all generations.

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