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Movie that end the Firefly tv series

Following the good Firefly tv series, The Serenity is a pirate spaceship with outlaw brigands wandering through space.

They break into a secret laboratory/prison with a daring sortie and free a young girl who once traveled with them.

The girl was traumatized by the experiments performed on her since she was young, which made her an invincible soldier.

At that point, Serenity runs from the Alliance, always hunting them with all their men and resources.

In fact, the girl can expose the dirty secret about the Reavers, fearsome mad killers-cannibals that terrify all space travelers.

A successful mix of sci-fi, western, and adventure makes one of the recent years’ best entertainment movies.

Initially born as Firefly, a tv series, unfortunately, suspended after the first season that ends with this great Serenity.

Amazing the Captain, played by Nathan Fillion, the actor then also the protagonist of the famous Castle tv series.

Equally strong then the troop members of which the usual tough Adam Baldwin and the beautiful and unconventional Morena Baccarin.

A movie still enjoyable even without having seen the Firefly tv series, that also boosted the director Joss Whedon, later moved on to the famous superhero saga of the Avengers.

Movie that end the Firefly tv series

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