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In the distant future, a despotic Duke desire to rules the metropolis as he pleases.

He decides to build a new android type to ensure that his domination is total and unchallenged.

An omniscient and omnipotent being to ultimately connect to the network and destined to lead everything.

But his stepson tries to destroy the female form robot, which manages to escape with a young friend‘s help.

Since then, the whole city will give them a relentless hunt.

Rintarō directs based on Osamu Tezuka‘s screenplay, inspired by a comic and obviously the famous 1927’s Fritz Lang‘s Metropolis.

The retro-future atmospheres are extremely evocative and cared for in every detail, giving that Blader Runner‘s like noir/sci-fi atmosphere that is simply fantastic.

The protagonist is then perfectly successful, combining the girl’s weakness and innocence with the android’s unstoppable power.

Very nice and exciting her empathy with the boy and his detective uncle, another unmissable character for a noir story.

Finally, the Duke and his ruthless stepson/second-in-command are simply impressive in their lucid madness, both in a constantly evolving relationship.

A successful 2001 manga homage to the original Metropolis, still exceptional today as 20 years ago.


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