To Die For

by fabioemme
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To Die For

She is beautiful, intelligent, and above all, willing to do anything to make her dream come true: to be a TV star.

Married to a naive and compliant man and badly tolerated by his family, the woman sees an opportunity by starting to work for the weather services.

By moving up her career by any means, she will soon realize that her husband is now just an obstacle.

She will then try to deceive some stragglers by asking them to kill him.

Merciless portrait of the pursuit of happiness through the false light of money and success.

Nicole Kidman here in the coldest role of her career, beautiful and ruthless as a serial killer.

Matt Dillon is perfect in the puppet husband’s role and a young Joaquin Phoenix to be the loser ready to become the murder weapon.

Directed by the great Gus Van Sant, one of the best black comedies of the 90s.

To Die For

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