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A woman and a girl move between various cities in present-day England.

The two are actually lonely vampires, hunted relentlessly for almost two centuries by an elite of powerful men.

While finding a place for them by seducing a local villager, the little put their story in a diary.

But a new friend makes them discover, getting the dangerous enemies to appear, and their situation falls for the worst.

An outstanding cast of actors, especially the couple Gemma Arterton and Saoirse Ronan, are perfect protagonists/antagonists.

Jonny Lee Miller perfect as an awful brute, besides Caleb Landry Jones as the young lover that unintentionally develops the plot.

Neil Jordan‘s stunning direction returns to the vampire theme after his success of Interview with the Vampire.

Although it is even more interesting in portraying two weak but strong-spirited characters, the movie hasn’t great luck in the theatres.

Nonetheless, I fervently hope it will be rediscovered because it is a little abandoned jewel that surely positively impress you.


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