Future World

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Future World

A young boy lives in an oasis of peace and tranquility into a future made of abandoned and desolate lands.

However, he leaves the small community in search of medicine when his mother becomes seriously ill.

A journey that will take him to a sinful lawless town ruled by a ruthless warlord.

The man managed to find an ancient warrior-robot model with female features, forcing her to his commands.

But the humanoid rebels and decides to fight alongside the weakest.

Perhaps, a post-apocalyptic world not remarkably original, but still attractive for the various characters in the story.

Perfect James Franco is a villain searching for villages to raid to increase his glory and power.

Jeff Wahlberg is also charming as the protagonist becoming, from a naive boy, a man fighting for what he loves.

The warrior played by the beautiful Suki Waterhouse, even if artificial, is much more human than many other characters.

High-grade small cameos by Milla Jovovich, Lucy Liu, and Snoop Dogg as subsidiary characters are also a delightful addition to the story.

James Franco himself direct, together with Bruce Thierry Cheung, making an action-adventure that has unfairly passed too unnoticed.

Future World

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