Better Living Through Chemistry

by fabioemme
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Better Living Through Chemistry

A pharmacist is disappointed in his marriage and life with a problematic child who often gets into trouble at school.

Everything changes the day a relationship with a married woman begins.

She convinces him to use his work to found all kinds of drugs make them himself when needed.

A relationship makes both of them happy until the lover tries to convince him to kill her husband.

Funny cross-section of unhappy middle-class life, dotted with non-trivial characters and an interesting story.

Sam Rockwell is a really great protagonist, an enjoyable mix of funny/smart and weak/insecure temperament.

Amazing the women of the story, Olivia Wilde as a charming lover and Michelle Monaghan as a severe wife.

The son played by Harrison Holzer is also amusing and more profound and interesting than he seems at the beginning.

Geoff Moore and David Posamentier direct and write a good comedy/romance with a tasty pinch of drugs/crime.

In conclusion a good movie to be seen at any time and with any company.

Better Living Through Chemistry

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