3 Movies that will Traumatize You

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3 Movies that will Traumatize You

If what you are looking for in a story is to be shocked by a terrifying experience, this is the place for you.

Absolutely 3 Movies that will Traumatize You not to be missed at any cost.

1 Martyrs (2008)
A girl is kidnapped and tortured by a sect of religious psychopaths.

Miraculously managed to escape; afterward, she doesn’t want to tell anything about what happened to her.

Once grown, she will search for her old tormentors, upset with guilt for not has helped the other victims.

Aided by a childhood friend met in the hospital, discover a cult dedicated to searching the human soul’s true nature.

At first sight, the usual torture horror, but in reality, has profound and unusual characters and villains.

Morjana Alaoui and Mylène Jampanoï form a strong pair who do not want to abandon the search for truth.

Simply frightening is the elderly Catherine Bégin in the role of Mademoiselle at the head of the villains.

A visually shocking horror that director Pascal Laugier combines with a tense and intriguing thriller.

2 The House That Jack Built(2018)
A man becomes a serial killer after a first murder happened almost by chance.

Over the course of twelve long years, man will claim countless victims in the aesthetic pursuit of his criminal perfection.

A story told to a mysterious interlocutor with whom the protagonist confronts the daily slaughter of his madness.

However, a madness rigorously tries to unite to his love for the art.

In fact, man is trying to create his own style to challenge the common sense of the licit and morality.

Terrifying Matt Dillon in his best life’s performance, flanked by a fair-minded Bruno Ganz, almost a referee of his actions.

In addition, the small but essential role of Uma Thurman scenes where the roles of victim/executioner seem almost overturned.

Another great movie by Lars von Trier, unnecessarily ruined by cinema’s censorship and to be collected for home video.

3 High Tension (2003)
A violent maniac breaks into an isolated country house late at night.

While two friends are quietly sleeping in their beds, he massacres the rest of the whole family.

Then kidnap them in his ramshackle van e runs away, but one succeeds in escaping.

She will live a long night of madness before discovering the horrendous truth about the killer maniac.

An excellent couple of friends/victims played by Cécile De France e Maïwenn Le Besco for a complex girls relationship.

Also, perfect Philippe Nahon as the dark and terrifying silent psychopath killer.

Director Alexandre Aja builds a long chase, literally living off the anxiety built perfectly in every sequence and scene.

A small delicious horror more than worthy as last of these 3 Movies that will Traumatize You.

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