The Quick and the Dead

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The Quick and the Dead

An unscrupulous gang leader organizes a gunslinging tournament in his town.

He aims to defeat all his enemies by letting them kill each other and personally eliminating the most dangerous ones.

But a woman also arrives in the city, whose father he had killed many years earlier.

Soon he will realize that she is the most dangerous enemy.

Great western with a series of extreme duels between a crowd of ruthless killers.

Sharon Stone plays a very ambiguous gunwoman, sexy and beautiful, and fiercely determined to avenge her father.

Gene Hackman, as a villain among the villains, performs a skill of unsurpassed charisma.

Around the two are an excellent cast like a very young Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe, still not very popular at the time.

Incredible Sam Raimi who mixes styles of classic western directing with his established way of a modern director.

An act of love towards the West’s great classics, from Howard Hawks to Sergio Leone, for a movie that remains unique, inimitable still today.

The Quick and the Dead

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