Captain Pantoja and the Special Services

by fabioemme
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Captain Pantoja and the Special Services

An irreproachable Peruvian army officer is called to organize a prostitute service to revive the troops’ spirit.

With the help of an expert matron, he assembles a platoon of beautiful visitors, organizing everything with strict detachment.

Soon a real coming and going along the river will begin to the more remote military outposts.

Isolated place where soldiers who have not seen a woman for months, obviously excited about the new service provided by the army.

But serious problems will soon present along with some corrupted men, small pettiness, and great misunderstandings.

Not least, the love for the beautiful Colombian will put great tension on his marriage life.

Salvador del Solar absolutely funny as the protagonist in his thoughtfulness and composure as a mathematic analyst.

Impossible not to mention the gorgeous Angie Cepeda as a sexy devil who will make him fall into temptation.

Francisco J. Lombardi manages to direct an excellent comedy/romance in a pseudo-official and military environment, sexy and fun thanks to the easygoing and propelling female ecosystem.

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