Fallen Angels

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Fallen Angels

A three-lane movie, where we follow the intertwining and distancing of three very unusual character’s events.

A professional killer, his anonymous job partner’s lady, and a completely silent vagabond.

The story then alternates between a successful mix of different genres.

Spectacular and very rhythmic shootings in the classic and pure oriental action style.

Then sadness and loneliness grips all the protagonists, who cross each other in the daily alienated worldliness.

Pieces of life commented on the alternating narrating voice between the three protagonists.

Another supreme protagonist of the story is the city of Hong Kong itself.

A city that is always open and crowded day and night, colorful, merciless, and shining like a perverse Christmas tree in a neon-lit porn shop.

A place where our protagonists move bewildered and unable to find their natural place among normal people.

The actors are very good at giving life to the 3 characters of the story.

Leon Lai is a killer with his own morals, a sweet and sensual Michele Reis as a businesswoman, and the naive but very nice He Zhiwu.

Wong Kar-wai‘s directing style is very particular, with shots always close to the characters, submerged in light or partially hidden in the shadows of the clubs and along the streets of the city.

Probably the most personal and strong movie of the director, unquestionably obligatory for Asian cinema enthusiasts.

Fallen Angels

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