The Story of Adele H

by fabioemme
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The Story of Adele H

A True Story Movie based on the life of the daughter of writer Victor Hugo.

Grown-up unhappily throughout her life, then she falls in love with a military officer.

Once rejected, she continues in her obstinacy, following man everywhere and proposing himself several times, without any hope, until the point of madness.

Touching unrequited love story of a woman who lets herself be led adrift by her own passions.

Besides, impeccable reconstruction of the 18th century, from small objects in the interiors to building’s decorations of the time.

Superb interprets the wonderful Isabelle Adjani with a sweet and innocent look, but fiercely determined to obtain her love.

Impeccable direction by François Truffaut, one of the perfect examples of the great French nouvelle vague.

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