The Lone Ranger

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The Lone Ranger

The lone Ranger myth’s birth is told to a young boy by an elderly Indian figure in a western theme park.

The man was once an insignificant criminal who roamed free living by his wits.

After a furious shooting, he meets the Ranger; then he brings him back to life after believing him dead.

Together they will try to stop the plans of a cruel speculator who would like to take over a railway.

A couple of action formed by Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer put on a show in many small comic bickerings.

Always fresh and lovely Helena Bonham Carter as matron of a pleasure house and Tom Wilkinson as an immoral businessman.

Perfect direction by Gore Verbinski, always creative and visual talent after the saga of The Pirates of the Caribbean.

Playful and surreal western epic always suspended between the fantastic fairy tale and classic duels of the past gunmen.

The Lone Ranger

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